“Unless and until Socio-Economic data of OBCs is collected on the basis their castes, no policies can be framed for getting their adequate representation in democratic forum” – Sanjay Ingole (President – Mulnivasi Sangh)

Sanjay Ingole

“Unless and until Socio-Economic data of OBCs is collected on the basis their castes, no policies can be framed for getting their adequate representation in democratic forum” – Sanjay Ingole (President – Mulnivasi Sangh) 

Introducing the first mass awakening session Mr.Sanjay Ingole said that the topic was kept for discussion in the national convention after intense brainstorming within CEC. The topic has specific message which BAMCEF wants to instill in the minds of Mulnivasi Bahujan Society. Moreover, considering the complexity of this topic, we have called upon the experts from our society to deliver their views on this particular topic. He added, ‘these experts who must have been observing the developments in the society from the date of announcement of census 2011, must have gathered their information and formulated their perspectives, which puts them in a better position to analyze and share their views on this topic.

                Speaking further and putting organizational views on this particular topic, Mr.Sanjay Ingole informed that the work related to counting of castes in the census is not a new one, but started long back in the history. It was initiated right from 1718, but was stopped in 1931. Dr.Ambedkar strongly condemned this move and started agitation against this step. He made arguments in the support of caste based census and strongly put its importance on the data collected due to it.  If we look into chapter 20, volume no. 5 of the writings and speeches of Dr.Ambedkar, we can notice Dr.Ambedkar’s views on this particular topic. The chapter is titled as “From millions to fractions”. This chapter relates to the data collected for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, their socio-economic conditions and their population. He explained how this data was instrumental in framing the policies for SC’s and ST’s. Hence, it implies that if we don’t have proper data of our strength, we can not argue or claim for our rights or our participation in any democratic life. Dr.Ambedkar further elaborated that it is also very essential to include OBC’s under caste based census.

                Mr. Ingole, while talking about Mandal commission said, ‘it was implemented due to the efforts made by BAMCEF organisation in bringing social awakening among OBC’s. However, mischievously, only 27% reservation was offered to OBCs who constitute 52% of Indian population. Therefore, as proper data of OBC’s and their living standard is not available, there is demand from SC/ST/OBC people to include OBC’s in the census 2011. During last census of 2001, many backward class associations and people wrote memorandums to collect data of OBC’s, they even approached supreme courts. But in vain, the fact remains that this issue was suppressed and entirely dumped in dustbins. It was not highlighted by the so called Brahmin-Baniya media. Though there were many administrative efforts by the Arya-Brahmins to keep aside this issue and not to discuss this issue in the field, still organizations like BAMCEF were practically bringing awareness among the masses and exposing the conspiracies planned by Arya-Brahmins. This awakening was noticed in every field. It was even taken up by the political leaders at national level and hence this time they were forced to discuss this issue in the parliament. Due to continuous efforts made by social organizations from 2009, this time the OBC leaders were very much concerned for census 2011. They raised their demand in keeping one voice beyond their political affiliations. Now the ruling parties were not in a position to change this awareness. They could not change the logical thoughts and interpretation given by OBC people. The awareness resulted in such a public opinion that though there was pressure from administrative, media and from all levels, the Brahminical forces were helpless. They also tried to say through media that it is a confidential matter and can be discussed separately. But neither could they fool the people nor could they change the public opinion. Even when home minister was asked whether they want to do caste based census or not, he could not clarify the matter and issued confusing statements. However, they didn’t open their cards neither they reveal their ulterior motives. Even most of the OBC people who were undertaking training for enrolling people for census 2011, raised their concerns and doubts regarding this matter but they were offered confusing statements only. Nevertheless, when parliament was called on this specific topic, Prime Minister issued a statement and common man felt that now it will be caste based census and we will be counted. Prime Minister said that he will respect the feeling of the parliament and assured that some conclusions will be reached in the cabinet meeting. He didn’t say what decision shall be taken, but stated that he will consider the feelings of the session. In the cabinet meeting all Brahminical forces irrespective of their political affiliations, opposed the caste based census and said that if the caste based census is carried out for OBC’s, then the actual population of OBC’s will be disclosed and accordingly we will have to make provisions for them in the budget. Worst possible the backward class organizations will strengthen their roots. They contrived that – if they have to stop the OBCs from occupying their seats then no caste based census shall be carried out, at all. Cabinet also didn’t come up with any resolution. They said that caste based census will be done, but the procedure will be given by home minister. Mainstream media was also hand in glove with them.  Media highlighted that caste based census will be done but they were silent on the issue of how it will be done. Even in the parliament some of the leaders specifically asked about the format of census and whether the column of caste will be added to the format or not. But they got the reply that their feeling will be taken into consideration. However, the actual thing behind the curtain is that Brahmins were of firm opinion that they will carry out the census activities as desired by them and they will do caste based census. They told that they will identify the OBC castes, but will register in separate book and not in census format. Also this data will not form a part of census 2011. Consequently, the ultimate purpose for which whole agitation was carried out got defeated due to the stand taken by Arya-Brahmins. These Brahmins instead of collecting the actual socio-economic conditions of OBC’s told that they will only tell the numbers of OBC’s. They issued so much confusing statements that our people could not grasp the actual conspiracy been done behind the curtain by these Arya-Brahmins. Since due to this exercise only number of OBC’s will be known, which will be very generic information and no specific planning can be done as the real and actual socio-economic conditions will not be known due to unavailability of data. All the development schemes for the OBC’s can not be planned and hence it is conspiracy to deprived OBC’s from their fundamental rights. So it is the need of time to expose the brahmanical conspiracies and awaken the mass and guide them so that they can reply to the Arya brahmanical forces as per the democratic principles.

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