Organisation can achieve its Objective with commitment of caders – D.R.Arya

Mr.D.R.Arya welcome all delegates to BAMCEF’s 29th National Convention at Buddhist King, Samrat Harshwardhan’s Capital Kurukshetra on behalf of BAMCEF Organisation, Haryana state unit and Kurukshetra local unit of BAMCEF. Samrat Harshwardhan ruled Thanesar from 606 to 647 century. He told that more delegates are going to join this convention as there trains are getting delayed due to heavy fog and disruption in Transportation arrangement.

Welcoming Chief guest and special guest, he told that BAMCEF organisation was established by senior activists in 1973 by giving their time, talent and money for solving the problems of 85% Mulnivasi Bahujan Society and making them a rulers of their own land.

BAMCEF was started by some of our senior activists way back in 1973 and 5 years period was kept as experimental period and on 6th Dec. 1978, it was registered under societies act. The main objective was decided as changing the arya brahminical system with the help of time, talent and money of Intellectuals from the Mulnivasi Bahujan Society. BAMCEF is working towards its cause of making the downtrodden castes towards the ruling castes. BAMCEF was started from the District of Pune in Maharashtra State and today it has reached the Kurukshetra district of Haryana. We are committed towards the cause and this convention is part of it. Here in Kurukshetra despite of severe cold many Delegates from different parts of India had already reached. I am happy to welcome delegates from abroad also. Mr.B.D.Gawai has come all along Dubai, UAE. We are also happy to welcome Hon. Raghunath Prasad Singh Yadavji. On behalf of BAMCEF, I also welcome our International Co-ordinator Ashish Jiwane.

BAMCEF is working for the last 35 years in the field and has gone through various Ups and Down. This is the transition phase of BAMCEF and year of 35 is youngest age. It has received many experiences from these Ups and Downs. We want to give something to society and hence to give something this organization is continuously working in the field despite many challenges. The work will be continued. Dr.Ambedkar in his last days said that, I had done and given whatever a human being can do in his life, but I could not give good and strong organization to my depressed society. We are following ourselves to meet his dream. The formation of organization was slow in the initial stage as we were not having adequate resources and experience required for building any organisation. Today we are developing our organisation on the principle of Institutionalisation and making its foundation strong. If we get same co-operation that we are getting today from committed caders of BAMCEF, then we are sure that our target will be achieved soon.

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  1. sandhir kumar boudh on January, 2013 at 11:14 am

    The 29th National Convention(25,26,27,28th Dec.2012) of BAMCEF in Kurukshetra will make a new history for bahujans ( Mulnivasi) and new revolution of Fule-Ambedkerites will take a new step in North India Also.

    Jai Bhim Jai Mulnivasi
    Sanhdir Kumar Boudh
    Bamcef Unit Haryana

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