Introduction of Chief Guest and Special Guest – Ashish Jiwane

Introducing Chief Guest, Mr.Ashish Jiwane, BAMCEF – International Co-ordinator said that Hon. Raghunath Singh Yadavji is national President of Arjak Sangh. Born on 03rd July 1939 at Dr.Ambedkar Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh. Despite of nominal Education, Hon Yadavji had read almost all literature required for a movement. His Journey of social movement was initiated with Yadav Mahasabha in 1955. He attended almost all the conventions of Yadav Mahasabha. In 1970 he came in contact with the organisation called Arjak Sangh. He interacted with Hon. Ram Swarup Vermaji, Arjak Sangh Vihar Lenin, Babu Jagdev Parsad and Scientist, thinker Maharaj Singh Bharti of Arjak Sangh and got involved in the movement of Arjak Sangh, which was based on Buddha’s philosophy. The Objective kept by Arjak Sangh from 1970 was uprooting Brahmanism and establishing society on the principles of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity. Hon Yadavji also filed the case in high court and Supreme Court for allowing reading “Anhilation of castes” and “Sacchi Ramayan”, to common Man, along with Laliyi Singh Yadavji. He won this case in Supreme Court. He also celebrated Dr.Ambedkar’s Birthday as “Chetna Day” (Inspiration Day) from 14th April 1978 till 30th April 1978 by burning Manusmruti and Ram Charit Manas. For this he faced jail term, but he didn’t bother for this jail term and continued his caravan ahead. At present he has established and running Lord Buddha Ambedkar Arjak mission public school, Ambedkar Nagar Uttar Pradesh, also he is present president of the organisation Arjak Sangh. He is in touch with almost all the organisations in India and sparing his valuable time. He is here along with us, despite of facing accident two days back and injuring his hand. Still he is having bandage in his hand. Even he refused to travel by professional class train tickets and came all the way by passenger train. BAMCEF is really proud to have such a chief guest at the battle field of Kurukshetra to inaugurate BAMCEF’s 29th national Convention.

Introducing Special Guest Mr.B.D.Gawai, Ashish said that he Mr.Gawai was born in poor family in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. He took his primary education struggling with his life, as his family was employed at construction sites and these sites were kept moving from one place to other resulting in shifting their houses. He had done B.Com, and LLB from Sidhharath college, Mumbai. Even he got enrolled for LLB, but could not complete it. Considering his family requirements he started his first part time employment while he was studying in 11th standard. He was account manager at Yashoda Industries. He had also done course of Intermedia cost accounting and shipping management. In 1978 he joined L&T and was there till 1982. He joined HPCL in 1982. While in HPCL he completed his Executive MBA. In 1991 he went to Behrain and joined Multinational Company CALTEX. In 1998 he came to Dubai and joined ENOC company. In 2002 he established his own entrepreneurship firm of oil trading with local Arab partner and started his own business and made it 400 million Dollar company. But there were problems created by arab partner and he was forced to leave that JV and start independently his own firm of “Saurabh Energy” in 2008. Today he is chairman and managing director of this company.

Mr.B.D.Gawai always thought that Business is such a sector where Mulnivasi Bahujan are least represented. He thought of developing as many entrepreneurs from our community. He started dialogue with likeminded people in UAE and in 2008 established an organisation called Maitreya Developers Private Limited. Today there are 50 shareholders in this Company. Many resources can be created with the help of such organisations and they can help to meet the requirement of social organisations like BAMCEF. This group has also established one local company in UAE called as Maitreya International and is partner in one of newly formed Oil and Gas Offshore Construction Company called as DASOFF Petroleum Services. One of the shareholder Mr.Niranjan Waghmare has established his own firm of training 10th and 12th class fail students for retail shops and malls considering majority of our students are not able to continue their studies. Mr.Gawai is trying his best to create as many entrepreneurs from our society to strengthen our society brethren, which in turn will help social movements in India.

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