“Arya Brahmins are scared of Mulnivasi movement and that is reason they are creating riots within Muslims, SC-ST’s, OBC’s.” – Raghunath Singh Yadav

Hon. Raghunath Singh Yadavji first of all welcome all the delegates and prominent speakers of the 29th National convention-BAMCEF. He said that today BAMCEF organisation with the help of this convention is raising the voice all depressed class Mulnivasi Bahujan Society. Objective of BAMCEF is all together different from the normal organisations of our society. In this convention we are going to debate and discuss on the topic of Why not Reservation/representation to OBC’s in the matter of reservation in Promotion. Reservation is related to population and all the sections of the society should get adequate representation based on their population. Its need of time to give more reservation/representation to all those sections which are left behind so as to bring them inline with the developed forward castes. These developed forward castes are taking advantage of more reservation than there population for the last so many years. If we are getting less reservation than our population then it is against our rights. Due to the struggle of Dr.Ambedkar SC/ST’s has got reservation benefits. These SC/ST’s, which are the product of Dr.Ambedkar’s struggle brought to the notice of Governing class that there are several other section of the society like them which are less represented and away from the main stream of living the human life. But the then prime minister Mr.Nehru refused to give reservation/representation to OBC’s and said that this will hamper the ruling of governing class. He said that the 15% governing class has taken all the benefits which was supposed to be given to OBC’s. Hence the ruling class doesn’t want to give anything. On other side our OBC brethren are not even thinking of snatching their own rights. They are enjoying their slavery. Way back Simon Commission came India to take the information of the socially, educationally and economically backward people residing in India. But the sad thing is that the rights which Simon commission was supposed to be give, the same OBC brethren opposed and boycott it. The then ruling class people tried to utilise OBC’s to stop Dr.Ambedkar in approaching Simon Commission. They were told to convey Dr.Ambedkar that they are not SC-ST and they don’t require reservation. They were continuously told that they were Kshatriyas and not backwards. The backward class people of Uttar Pradesh are claiming themselves Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav as their Leader. But he himself is not declaring as backward. He doesn’t want to look towards backward. He considers himself as upper class and not backward. History will not forgive him for his slavery. He is organizing Durga Jagran and worshiping stone statues so that the issue of wealth beyond his income will be sidelined and will not get highlighted.  If he was serious then he could have put this issue in Parliament. He could have said that there are several hundred’s of people who have account in Swiss bank and they have kept their valuable ornaments and gold to quintals in Swiss bank. One cannot imagine the total cost of these ornaments. All these people are saved through our leaders. He should be aware that our forefather Mahisasur, who was declared as Asur, was killed by so called Lord Durga. The western part of UP is little bit developed, but east UP is still struggling and is undeveloped socially, economically and educationally. He is taking votes of Jat and doing slavery of Upper castes. Mulayam is charging Mayawati that she had nominated various districts of UP with fore fathers name. But frankly speaking, she was a brave lady and she had made history by giving the names of social leaders to districts. These leaders had shed their lives towards social cause. Shahu Maharaj had given reservation to OBC’s and also to SC/ST’s. Its our moral duty to remember his services towards us. Periyar in south, Jotiba, Savitribai Phuley in Maharashtra also had done such work.

For two terms Mulayam Singh Yadav was Chief Minister. He is proud to be a part of Lohiawadi party, Samajwadi Party. During his term he could have renamed his Faizabad district towards Lohia, if he is so proud of it. But the question is why he had not done it? He is really scared of his rulers. He is always thinking that his ruler will get angry and sad. Even today if he dared to rename any district then he can keep name of Periyar Lalayi Singh Yadav. But has no daring to do it. Mayawati had done really a historical work. Once when Kanshiramji and Mulayam were in politics together, there was a slogan in the field, “Mile Mulayam Kanshi Ram, Hawa me udd gaye Jai Shri Ram” (meaning with Mulayam and Kanshiram coming together, the slogan of Jai Shriram is vanished). The upper castes really got shattered. RSS in Nagpur was worried and was thinking how once again the governance of higher caste will come back. They sat day and night and made a plan how to tackle and break this unity. They brought forward the issue of guest house. Mayawati thought that Mulayam is her real enemy. RSS got succeeded in breaking the unity. Both became their strong enemy, but the backward class was sidelined and pushed again backward. If both are united the rule is theirs, the 85% people will be the ruler. Hence it is need of time to bring social awareness in the society, what is happening and who is ruling us. We will have to remind the thoughts of Buddha. He told that who sacrifices his life will be a brightening star of future. We should be worried of our lives. Without sacrifice no movement can achieve its objective. Without sacrifice no change is possible. We will have understood dynamism of Brahmanism. They are utilizing and creating various tools within our society. They are utilizing SC’s, ST’s and even Muslims, Adivasis as their tools to retain their supremacy. Divide and rule is Brahmins policy. They are propagating that there is no caste of God. There is no caste of human being. God is the only creator of this universe. So with this all human beings are son of the god and all are equal. But the real fact remains is that the caste system is devised by Brahmins to maintain their supremacy. The father is keeping mum, when one son is creating atrocity on other. They are simply telling our people to look sun in the night.

One morning BJP people approached me and were insisting on organizing Ram Lila. They told me that Ram is everything for all. Without him nothing in this world can happen. Everything is as per the wish of the creator of universe, the God. Raghunath Yadavji told them that if he is creator of everything and he is only creating atrocities, murders, accidents, sunami, slavery, rape, then such God should be brought in the square and all should beat him with shoes and chappals. If you believe in God and don’t implement it then also all people are equal as they are created by one person. Dr.Ambedkar said that Freedom doesn’t have any meaning if the society is casteless and division less society. Arya Brahmins are scared of Mulnivasi movement and that is reason they are creating riots within Muslims, SC-ST’s, OBC’s. Dr.Ambedkar spent day and night in creating the constitution of India. He is one among the six renowned persons. Caste is seen in animals and not in human being. Human being is himself is a caste. I can challenge to any so called astrologer or so called pandits to come and identify caste of people sitting in this pandal. Caste has its own importance. No one can born from different caste. Dog can be born to a dog, dear to a dear and lion to a lion. Cow and Buffalo cannot come together and Cow cannot give birth to new born. But we can see a highest caste as well as lowest caste within human beings. Today the person from lowest caste who is working hard day and night is not getting a stand in the society, whereas a person who is doing nothing is recognized heavily in the society. But if the lowest caste women and the highest caste men come together, the women can give birth to another new born, because both belongs to same category of human being, unlike animals of different category mentioned above. These so called Brahmins has divided us in thousands of castes to keep their supremacy and ruling. We will have to understand their conspiracy and all the Mulnivasi Society people will have to sit together, arrange marriages within them and do all the things which can destroy the system created by them. If we do not follow this then we will remain slaves of arya Brahmins.

Speaking further Raghunathji told that the word “Hindu” is not seen in any of the so called epics or ancient literature of Brahmins. The dictionary meaning of word Hindu is thief, badmash. It will be against the national spirit if the country is called in the name of “Hindustan”. Bharat is the country of the Indigenous people of India. “Bha” means knowledge and “rath” means acquiring. So Bharat means acquiring knowledge. This land is the Buddha Bhoomi, Buddhas land. Buddhism spread all over the world. It is the lack of knowledge we are sometimes using the word “Hindusthan” and “JaiHind”. Even due to lack of knowledge we are singing national anthem. I proposed some amendments in national anthem and in turn was forced for a jail term. Now I had written new National Anthem based on Buddha’s basic principles.

Speaking on education system in India Raghnath Yadavji said that the educational system is also based on Brahmins principle of their vedas literature. Its need of time to change such educational system which is against the development of the country. They has created so many hypothetical literatures like Manusmruti and Ram Charit Manas . We burned such literature from time to time. Such type of literature which is telling that Teli, Tamoli and other backward castes are not fit to govern the states and central, how this literature can form a part of the educational syllabus. Today the same OBC’s are propagating these literatures. So its need of time to make them aware about the truth and their slavery. Arjak Sangh always insist to first know the things and then only believe it. Whereas Brahmanism insists on believe it, believe it and there is no need to know it. Brahmanism is based on the theory of rebirth. It propagates that if you had done any sin in last birth hence you are born in lower caste.

Few weeks back I went to southern part of India. I was having reservation in sleeper class compartment. While I was awake in the morning I saw one person in front of me speaking something in Singhalese language. I asked one of the day who was well verse with Hindi, that whether there was any person named Rawan in Srilanka. She replied that there was no such person in lanka. I thought Lanka is a neighboring country and how come the residents of this country are not aware with such famous name. But it is again a conspiracy. It is the reality, there is no person with such name in Sri Lanka. In reality Rawan was the name given to Buddhist king Samrat Ashoka. History tells that Pushmitra Sungh is nobody than self-declared Ram. Recently Arjak Sangh has demonstrated at Jantar Mantar to make the budget of education equal to protection (Sena Budget). If government is not having adequate fund then release all the funds stacked in various big big temples. Because this fund is ultimately of the people of India. There is no scarcity of fund. Only thing required is awareness among the people.

Addressing to caders he said that commitment of caders plays vital role in development of organisation and achievement of its Objective. Without commitment and sacrifice no change is possible. Today Brahmanism is in its prime supreme command. History tells us that whenever Brahmanism was at its peak, it resulted in non-development of the country and its residents, whereas whenever Humanity was at its peak all the residents of the country were happy and the country developed like anything. When Buddhism was at its peak in India, nobody was dared to look towards it. Even all the ladies were free and independent. Today ladies are slaves. There is only one state in India, Arunachal Pradesh were Ladies are free and independent as they were during Buddhist period. In Buddhist period marriages were done when man was of the age of 20 year and women of 25 years. But Brahminical system had changed this system to 18 years and 21 year. Even in Buddhist era it was a woman who was choosing her partner and not men.

Atlast he appealed to all the caders including women to become aware and make others aware of all the conspiracies of Arya Brahmins. Awareness itself will plays a major role in the development of the organisation, society and country.

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  1. sandhir kumar boudh on January, 2013 at 11:21 am

    I appreciate the lecture of Chief Guest, because Hon’ble Chief Guest put the real picture of UP State & Bahujan Politics with strong and positive thinking for Fule-Ambedkerite Movement in future.

    Jai Bhim Jai Mulnivasi
    Sanhdir Kumar Boudh

    Bamcef Unit Haryana

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