“Creating more and more entrepreneurs within Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj will lead to creation of substantial financial resources needed for supporting the organisation like BAMCEF”- B.D.Gawai.

It’s a great pleasure and honor to be at BAMCEF dias today. Myself Bhagwan Gawai, native of village Raheri, Dist. Buldhana, Maharashtra but now a global citizen operating out of Dubai since past 21 years.

As an employee Mr.Gawai have worked for over 25 years in blue chip companies like L&T, Hindustan Petroleum , Caltex Petroleum Corporation,  USA and Emirates National Oil Company in India and Middle East.

The year 2002 added a new dimension to Mr.Gawai’s life when he became an Employer from an Employee by leaving a highly paid corporate career and entering into Entrepreneurship. He had established SAURABH ENERGY DMCC in Dubai and entered in trading of Petroleum products. In 10 years the company has grown leaps and bounds and has become a well-recognized brand in the South, Central and East Asia. Over the years, his company has diversified in to Oil and Gas, Mining, Logistics, Aviation and IT services.

Mr.B.D.Gawai was also instrumental and part of the group of few people from our community in forming Maitreya Developers Pvt. Ltd, a first company of its kind, whose 50 shareholders are highly educated professionals from various fields from SC/ST community all over the globe.  The company has not only been growing itself in real estate and oil & gas sectors but has been helping individuals from SC/ST community to use its platform and become entrepreneurs.

He highlighted, about one project of MDPL 50 s/h’s where they have purchased and owned HPCL petrol pump along with 4 acre NA land on Nagpur /Amravati Highway. Can any one imagine of owning such assets, which will fetch results not only for this generation, but also all future generations.

Having been in Middle East for 21 years and having developed a good network in the region with individuals, companies and royalty, he had a honor and privilege of bringing together MDPL, DAS Offshore Engineering Pvt. Ltd. led by Mr. Ashok Khadeji, and Prince HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to form a JV company. This company aims to reach annual turnover of over 100 million dollars by 2013. This is another feather, we added under MDPL. For generations, so called highly classed community were not ready to deal or sit together with our community personnel, but, today due our great Baba, we entered into partnership with RULER’s son of Abu Dhabi.

We have excellent talent in community in all the fields of business segments, however, there is dire need of joining hands together and we can target many more such business associations in India and abroad. Friends, let us think on this and let us take this task on hands, which, I believe, will create HISTORY for the benefit of our communities.

Friends, we need to create such projects by joining hands together for the social, economic and political progress of our community and this is very much possible, but, we need to combine together and think for common object.

There are various business opportunities in the following sectors, which can be targeted by any individual or jointly: Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Logistics, Engg projects and construction, education, Healthcare, Training, Real Estate.

If anyone is interested to commence their own business or wish to join hands with MDPL, we can provide them appropriate guidance at all times. Being an entrepreneur, I am willing to provide personalized guidance on 24 X 7 basis for our community personnel.

Friends, if anyone of us are able to enter into business category, we can easily achieve our objectives to provide employment to our own personnel and also can contribute financially for the upliftment of our community, which is still in majority under the poverty line, even today i.e. In 21st Century. We easily change the scenario, however, our VISION and MISSION and MIND SET need to be set in a perfect direction i.e. enter into entrepreneurship and become job givers i/o job seekers!

Now, to accelerate the Economic and Social progress of our community, I wish all of you to work on the following jointly and present such matters in government for further implementations. My suggestions are focused on increasing job and business opportunities for SC/STs on one hand and on the other hand, giving justice to those affected by atrocities.

I.     First I will deal with job opportunities of which there is a dire need for the community.

  1. Provide reservation in recruitment and promotions up to highest grade of:

(A)               Government entities even after their privatization. Take corrective actions in all earlier cases.

(B)               A company or any institution formed by Government entity, for example,  National Institute of Stock Markets (NISM) formed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Evidently NISM recruits for permanent posts, such as, Heads for its 6 Schools, Registrar and others on contract basis and renews the contracts periodically.

(C)               A company formed by a Government entity jointly with a non-Government Indian or foreign entity, irrespective of percentage of stake of such Government entity in the newly formed company. E.g. ONGC Mittal Energy Ltd. (OMEL), ONGC Mittal Energy Services ltd (OMESL), HPCL-Mittal Pipelines Limited (HMPL) and HPCL – Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) etc. The logic is simple: reservation would have been applied if a specially created Division of existing PSU had undertaken the same venture by entering into an agreement with the private parties.

(D)               Those private sector entities which do business in sectors earlier done by the Government prior to commencement of privatization in India, i.e., Banking, Insurance, Petroleum, Telecommunication, etc. Logic: In the absence of entry of private sector banks, existing PSU banks would have enhanced their operations and would have recruited more people for the purpose by observing reservation policies applicable to them.

(E)                Those private sector entities which do business in sectors where the Government allocates natural resources to private parties to do business like telecom spectrum, oil blocks, mines, sand, water, forest lands, etc. When they decide to allocate natural resources to private parties for business, they don’t consider the damage they cause to SC/ST community. They impose several conditions except the condition related to reservation, while allocating those resources. If the Government had done businesses relating to these natural resources, it would have created job opportunities for SC ST people as per the existing policies.

(F)                Contractors – Employers appointed as a matter of outsourcing the activities, by Government entities or entities created by Government or entities in which Government has stake. Logic: The functions outsourced, if done by permanent employees in Government companies would have resulted into more recruitment and therefore more job opportunities to SC STs.

2)                     We need to ensure that a committee is appointed to assess loss of jobs and business opportunities to SC’s and ST’s in all cases and situations, I spoke about, since initiating such privatization and outsourcing policies and treat it as backlog of vacancies to be filled in on priority in a time – bound manner. The committee should assess loss of such opportunities to SC/STs since independence or at least since privatization began

3)         Discuss with our MP’s and Bureaucrats and strongly lobbying for providing reservation in recruitment and promotions up to highest grades in all private sector companies. This was one of the points in the Common Minimum Programs of UPA-I Government. Unfortunately, it appears that its not there in UPA-II Government’s agenda.

II.    Now, I will suggest few measures for creating business opportunities for SC/T community. My logic is clear and that is: SC/ST people of this country are entitled to a share of national wealth in proportion to their population. The suggestions are as follows:

  1. Provide reservation benefits (through Roster system) to SCs and STs while allocating their agencies, distributorships, retail outlets, contracts, dealerships, surveyorships, or any benefits having financial implications.
  2. Provide reservation benefits (through Roster system) to SCs and STs while allocating natural resources of the country like, telecom spectrum, oil wells, mines, sand, water, forest lands, etc., to private parties to do business.
  3. Large business contracts should be broken into various smaller sizes business proposals, wherever possible to enable SC/ST community members to undertake such business ventures. Identify problems that the SC /ST community members face in undertaking such business ventures and devise Schemes with challenging timelines to address those problems.

III.       I would now like to give  a few suggestions to give justice to those affected by atrocities:

  1. We must ensure that Govt arranges  Fast track Courts to give justice in cases of rape on Dalit women and transfer all pending cases to such Courts with immediate effect.
  2. Each Police Station should have SC/ST cell headed by an SC / ST Police Officer having Degree in Law. There should be proper reporting and administration structure upto Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of India.
  3. Provide reservation in recruitment and promotions upto highest Grade of Magistrates and Judges, at each level of Courts from the Lowest Courts to Supreme Court of the country.
  4. Provide a Constitutional Authority, ideally the President of India, to review / annul the judgments even of Full Bench of Supreme Court, which adversely affects welfare / progress of SC-ST community. This may be done in line with the existing Constitutional right of the President of India to review Capitol punishment pronounced by Supreme Court.

The issue of livelihood of SCs and STs is also a matter of their life and death and therefore for them, it is as serious as or perhaps, more serious than Capitol Punishment.

  1. Refer cases dealing with larger/macro interest of SCs and STs to International Court of Justice for fair deal.

I also suggest reviewing, reframing and implementing all incomplete or unsatisfactorily implemented or ongoing Schemes / Policies / Projects. We need to make policies to ensure that Schemes/policies/projects created for SC/ST, are not exploited by non-SC/ST by creating a front, generally of poor and illiterate SC/ST community people.

The schemes devised by the administrators are often full of loopholes and hurdles, giving scope to Savarna administrators to deny the benefits of such schemes. We do have experts who can work with Government machinery to make/revise schemes and policies for the welfare and progress of SC/ST Community, if given opportunities, to make them fool-proof from conceptualization, framing and finally implementation point of view. We need to make a strong lobby to achieve these for which let us all work together. On behalf of the Dalit entrepreneurs as well as the Dalit brothers and sisters, I urge you all to dedicate ourselves unitedly irrespective of internal differences, to the name, cause and mission of Mahamaanav Bharatratna, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar to ensure his incomplete dreams come true.

Many thanks for listening patiently! Jaibhim Jaimulnivasi

One Response to “Creating more and more entrepreneurs within Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj will lead to creation of substantial financial resources needed for supporting the organisation like BAMCEF”- B.D.Gawai.

  1. Jayant Lokhande on January, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    I am very much agreed and influenced by the speech given by Mr. Gawai. People from SC/ST community are suffering from poverty in great numbers in India. Those people who sit in the administration of Govt. are not willing to give proper rights to these people through which deprived classes can prosper. If this society of underdeveloped community brings entrepreneurs in large numbers which is ethically justified can cope up with the situation of poverty.
    Hardliner hindu organisations like RSS, Bajarang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, etc., have very strong back up from the entreprenurs of their community and slave OBCs as well.
    I would like to suggest BAMCEF organisation to form a committee and motivate people by proper guidence and financial support (if possible) to those having calibre and mettle to prove themselve to be the entrepreneurs from SC/ST community, so that these people can uplift others.
    This is what I feel. Thanks to Mr. Gawai for showing various measuremnts/schemes to uplift lower caste people.

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