“Inserting Creamy layer criteria for OBC’s for giving reservation is a conspiracy of Arya Brahmins to restrain them from the rights of giving representation” – Ashok Parmar

Welcoming all Chief Guest, Special Guest, Guest speakers and delegates Mr. Ashok Parmar said that BAMCEF is working in the field for the last 34 years to achieve the goal set by Rashtrapita Jotiba Phuley and Dr.Ambedkar. Extending special thanks to chief guest Raghunath Yadavji, Ashok Parmar said that yesterday we went to receive him at the railway station. Normally for our conventions chief guests are coming by flights, but this time chief guest had came by train and that too one day in advance considering the foggy situation of north India and trains running late. When Ashok Parmarji reached railway station, he saw Raghunathji sitting in second class waiting room. He took passenger train from Ambala Cantt and came to Kurukshetra. Not only this, he has injury on his right hand and in back. Raghunathji told that in missionary works these things are secondary. If I had committed, then I have to be there at any cost. That is the commitment of Raghunathji. Also in his Inaugural speech he had touched almost all topics and elaborated his views on it. These type of qualities are seen in rare leaders. Our special guest B.D.Gawai also came one day in advance. His economic ideas will be discussed in CEC and we will discuss with him in future how to take these things forward.

The year 2012 was a year of Scams and scams. But if we go to find out the root cause of the scam, then we will come to know that the root of all scams lies in our thinking. How human being thinks?. He thinks on whatever he reads and listen in electronic media. His mind is full of so called vedic literature and dharmashastras, which talks of Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed (use all weapons). In this one weapon is wealth, which leads to scam. One of the major scam has been find out in Bihar and that too is related to backward classes. Bihar land is the land of Buddha. In 1999, BAMCEF organized its national convention at Patna. We invited Mr.R.L.Chandapuri as chief guest for that program. He offered me one book, “Bharat me Pichada varg aur Brahmanwad” (OBC’s and Brahmanism in India). In 1951, one conference of Samajwadi party was organized. Ram Manohar Lohiya was president of that conference. It was also attended by Raj Narayan, R.L.Chandapuriji, Madhu Limaye. One resolution was supposed to be passed in this conference. These four five people were discussing about reservation provision to Other Backward classes. Madhu Limaye said to Lohiya that OBC’s should be given reservation based on the economic criteria and not on caste basis. To this R.L. Chandapuriji countered and said that reservation provisions are must for OBC’s. The matter became hot and it resulted in neither passing the resolution of providing reservation benefits to OBC’s nor any benefit.

Speaking about another scam, Mr.Parmar said that there was one person called Raj Bihari Mandal in Bihar. He was Landowner. King of Darbhanga was organizing one program every year and he used to call all land owners for that. In this program Raj Bihari Mandal noticed that there is separate cooking arrangement for Brahmins and separate for OBC’s. When Raj Bihari Mandal noticed this discrimination, he opposed such system and left the program and after that whole life he fought against the arya brahminical system. B.P.Mandal (Who gave Mandal commission report) was the son of Raj Bihari Mandal. B.P.Mandal had given almost 11 recommendations, out of which only 1 or 2 are implemented. When the report was complete B.P.Mandal got a call from the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi that she will make him Deputy Prime Minister on the condition that he will have to recommend that the recommendations proposed by him for OBC’s should be based on economic criteria only. But since he was looking after his father’s social movement, B.P.Mandal refused to take the Dy.Prime Minister post.

Third case is related to Supreme Court Judgment in 1993 of Indira Sawhney case. One individual person Madhu Limaye filed case in Supreme Court against giving reservation to OBC’s on caste basis. He put forth the criteria of giving reservation to OBC’s based on economic criteria. He proposed creamy layer and the same was accepted by Supreme Court. Supreme Court ignored the rights and mandate of 52% OBC’s and listened to one person and given the judgment of creamy layer. The purpose of telling all these three cases needs understanding. The same person who could not implement economic criteria for OBC’s got succeeded in 1993 but he didn’t left his ambition of not giving rights to OBC’s. This is a determination of a Brahmin. He struggled for 41 years and got succeed. BAMCEF is struggling hard for unification of SC/ST’s and OBC’s for the last 34 years and Brahmins are struggling hard to keep divisions among all Mulnivasi Brethren. Considering this responsibilities of BAMCEF has increased. So in coming days its responsibility of Mulnivasi Sangh to chalk out program to counter this move and implement it.

BAMCEF Organisation has passed through so many Ups and downs. I am there in this organisation for the last 32 years. As a national president of this organisation, whatever time I can give I am already giving it to you. In 1954 Dr.Ambedkar said that, Whatever a person can do during his life time, the same I had done for you. Dr.Ambedkar struggled for 40 years. Some of things I had successfully done, somewhere I had failed. He told that he had failed in giving strong organisation to the society, which can take his caravan ahead. In 1999 during Patna National Convention of BAMCEF, Mr.D.K.Khaparde sahib and Dinabhana were discussing about organisation. Khaparde saheb told that Kanshiramji was always talking of Institutionalisation of organisation. This was the reason for which we had supported Kanshiramji. Organisational objectives are such that it may not be achieved in one life span of human being. If anybody considers himself that everything should happen within his life time, then he is not giving justice to the great objective. The Ups and Downs which normally happens in organisation is due to such thinking. Our objective is great. It cannot be accomplished within life span of any particular person. It is a continuous process. In Institution people keeps coming and going. Today we had given utmost importance in institutionalizing our organisation. For running of any institution two things are required, one is Pracharaks and other Literature. Keeping this in mind we had emphasized on organizing cader camps and we had organized almost 1000 cader camps this year throught the year. We had given importance to all the 6 fort nighties and monthly magazines. We had constituted one Committee for this cause. We are also building a separate training institute, “DK Khaparde Memorial Trust Training and Research Centre” on the 25 acre land on Nagpur-Amravati road. In future all training camps, cader camps will be organized at this institute. Next year we are launching BAMCEF’s own Printing Press.

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  1. sandhir kumar boudh on January, 2013 at 11:27 am

    Very nice and knowledge about Mandal Report , every OBC & Minorities and also sc/st should read this topic. How the Mandal report provide rights to OBCs.

    Jai Bhim Jai Mulnivasi
    Sanhdir Kumar Boudh
    Bamcef Unit Haryana

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