Letters to the editor

Sukh Lal Dhani

How much money has been spent on the Mandirs in India, which are closed to 20% population of Dalits, estimated to be 24,00,00,00,000, for ages? The money which such Mandirs receive annually in the form of offerings must run into several crore of Rupees. One crore is equal to 10 million.
Such money has always remained with and at the disposal of Brahmin population of so-called higher order, which comprises not more than 3% population.
Extensive lands which come under such temples also have remained with the Brahmins only. Government which is supposed to supervise such Mandirs, has itself to bow to the Brahmins, through its senior officers, all of whom have to be Brahmins. The total wealth with such Mandirs must be sufficient to pay off the loans which is payable by Government of India to all international agencies, at one go. If such funds are utilized for public welfare, India is likely to have not a single person below poverty line, out of the present estimated number of 60,00,00,000.
No government has ever tried to end the reservation of Brahmins in respect of Mandirs and heir unlimited and unaccounted for wealth. Such reservation had been once ordered by them for themselves through the Varna-vyavastha dharma, the mother of nefarious and anti-national caste system, which is divisive, exploitative and oppressive of all non-Brahmins.

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