BAMCEF to bring awareness on the conspiracy behind the cartoon issue and conspiracy against the constitution throughout India through the state conventions.

The constitution of India is such a document with the help of which a bloodless revolution cab be brought in the country. The partial implementation of the same for the last 6 decades has created a social and political impact. Though the change is not significant but had definitely created an impact. This may be the cause of worry for the Arya Brahmins and hence they are disturbed a lot and trying to destroy the constitution with various means and utilizing different organizations, people and media. Many things has been written against the constitution of India, in the 11th standard political science book of NCERT. Brahmin-Bania Press media is not leaving a single chance to write against the constitution and misguide the Mulnivasi Bahujan society. BAMCEF has considered its moral duty to bring awakening on all such conspiracies of Arya-Brahmins and expose these conspiracies. For this BAMCEF has designed a specific dedicated topic and will bring awareness throughtout the country through the state conventions organized in 22 states of India. The subjects which will be debated and discussed are;
a) Why not reservation in promotion for OBC ?
b) Why and how Brahminism is against Constitution ?

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