Mulnivasi Mela-2012- Nashik

Maharashtra State level Mulnivasi Mela was organised at Nashik on 21st and 22nd April 2012. This Mela was organised at Bitco Square, Jail Road, Nashik. This Mela was inaugurated by Mr.B.D.Borkar on 21st April. Chief Guest for the Program were Mr.Najubhai Gawit (Satyashodhak Ideologist) and Mr.M.G.Gawali.
In his Inaugural Speeach Mr.B.D.Borkar said that there is some definite objective behind organising such Mulnivasi Melas. There are thousands of our organisations in the field celebrating Phuley-Ambedkarite Birth anniversaries. But their only objective of celebrating these programs are focused on only making slogans, putting the garlands giving speeches and then forget the same for the next one year. With this the movement will not get success. Hence to convert these celebrations we had organised Mulnivasi Melas throughout India.
Many delegates from different parts of Maharashtra state attended this two day Mela. Various competitions were organised by different troupes from different districts. Various folk songs, folk dances, Mulnivasi culture, stage acts, on related to issues of Mulnivasi People, tribal dances etc were the focal point of these Mela.

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