29th Feb. 2012, Yashkayi D.K.Khaparde Sahab Smruti Day, Ringanabodi, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Founder of BAMCEF organisation Yashkayi D.K.Khaparde Sahab’s 3rd Death Anniverssary was organized jointly by DK Khaparde Memorial trust and BAMCEF on 29th Feb. 2012, at Ringnabodi, Nagpur-Amrawati road, Maharshtra. Various CEC members and state level executives alongwith caders and activists attended this program.
The program was started with Introductory speech of Mr.Chandu Maiske, CEC member of BAMCEF. In his speech he said that he was very small and Hon.D.K.Khaparde sahab were leaving infront of his house in Nagpur. Late D.K.Khaparde sahab had faced tremendous challenges in forming a Mulnivasi-Bahujan Society. He travelled a lot in all parts of India with all difficulties and crunch of resources. He didn’t bothered of language barriers. We all are products of his untired efforts to establish Phuley-Ambedkarite movement. Now its our duty to take these challenge ahead and create a sort of people like late D.K.Khaparde sahab. All caders should create all the good habits which Khaparde sahab was having. Now this is not the problem that Khaparde sahab is not with us, but other problem is that some of the Good people created by the movement are not with us. But it hardly effects the movement. We will have to move ahead with the resources available with the organisation.
Mr.Ashok Parmar, President of BAMCEF said that he was introduced to Late D.K.Khaparde sahab in the national convention of BAMCEF in the year 1981 which was organised in Gujarat. In Gujrat the work of BAMCEF was started with Akleshwar area. During this time, Mr.Ashok Parmar was a law college student and a meeting was organised for 25 people. I attended one cader camp in Ahemedabad. I understood the concept of BAMCEF in that meeting. Till date I had attended cader camps of Kanshi Ramji, B.D.Borkar, Meshram, S.F.Gangawane and late D.K.Khaparde sahab. But among all these cader camps, Khaparde sahab’s cader camp was distinct one and helpful to me in understanding this Phuley-Ambedkarite movement.
In 1996, I was appointed as General Body chairman. He reminded Khaparde sahab’s understanding of the movement. He use to say, “ Whenever there is conflict between person and organisation, one should prefer to Organisation and leave beside the person and whenever there is conflict between Organisational principles and organisation, one should stick to Organisational principles and leave the organisation. This movement will continue for generations. It’s not a one generation or two generation problem. It will continue for many generations till we get fully liberate. So leaders should never think that it has to be completed within his life span. Dr.Ambedkar also quoted once that he could not accomplish the task within his life span. Hence we should give more emphasis on Cader camps for creating new and new caders, so that there is no crunch of people for the Phuley-Ambedkarite movement.
Speaking on this Occasion Mr.Dhananjay Jhakarde said that he was introduced to Khaparde sahab in 1992. The BAMCEF office was running nearer to his house. There were in all 5 rooms and each room was occupied by 8 to 10 students. I was a part of various brain storming sessions with Khaparde sahab. He was really a Idle for our society. There are many things which we should take from him.
Prof. Tirpude said that in 1996,97,98 Khaparde sahab visited Balaghat area of Madhya Pradesh. MP by that time was highly influenced by politics and there was no way for social programs and awakening programs. There was huge protest from the society. Even I was opposing social programs. But still Khaparde sahab continued visiting us and tried a lot to explain us about the need of Phuley-Ambedkarite movement. Due to his continuous efforts we could understand this movement and we feel proud to be part of this movement. Later on Gangawane sahab also put efforts on us to bring in the main stream of BAMCEF movement.
Prof. M.T.Sao said that he was introduced to Khaparde sahab in 1975 during his education. We were introduced to this organisation though various programs and agitations. He was a person having all qualities and understanding of the organisation. He always use to say that this is not a simple problem, it is related to organisation. We need to establish a organisation. Without organisation nothing can be done, these were his words. Prof Sao reminded the event of Bangalore national convention. He said that there were some police men in the ground and were saying that without police permission you can not install any Pendal. To this Khaparde sahab immediately came forward and reacted boldly saying that he is the national general secretary of the organisation and this organisation belong to the educated class people. So you can not stop in organising this convention. To this the police men could not react and went away. This Bangalore convention was attended by 4000 delegates. Mehsram was always trying to interfere in the conversations with Khaparde sahab and was always trying to dominate him. This was one of the reason Khaparde sahab was always upset and ultimately effected his health too. He further added that it is not the thing that due to the efforts taken by Dina Bhana only the movement moved forward. There were many things behind the curtain. Khaparde sahab usually become very disturb by seeing any atrocity on our society. One day one such incident happened at 10 Kms from Pune district. One of the scheduled caste woman was raped by some culprits. To get information about this incident Khaparde sahab along with Kanshi ramji went tot that place. They could not get more information from the people around the place. So Khaparde sahab along with Kanshiram went to nearby village and collected all the information and then filed FIR against the incident. Such was the zeal of Khaparde shab for working and helping our own brethren. But such type of many incidents were happening daily. So he emphasized on need of organisation and later on formed BAMCEF organisation. Khaparde sahab use to mingle with all the family members with whom he was staying. People from Bharuch, Rajkot railway station often remembers Khaparde sahab.
Speaking on this occasion Mr.B.D.Nanwate said that, when ever I was called in Delhi, I used to go and meet Khaparde sahab. He was a man of different qualities. 1. He was having a definite vision. 2. His personality was organised one. 3. He was always inspiring to one and all. 4. He was having specific qualities for developing character within caders. 5. He was always accepting challenges.
Mr.U.N.shangade said that he was associated with Khaparde sahab since 1978. On 24th Sep. 1982 one program was organised dedicated to Poona Pact opposition day. He attended the program for 5 days. In this program Khaparde Sahab analytically explained on how activists should be. What qualities he or she should possess? In Akkalkot Panthers movement was challenged by mass movement people while we were moving ahead on cycle rally. D.K.Khaparde sahab was leading this rally. He was the perfect leader. He was guiding all the activists what to do and what not to do. There was huge police force also. Khaparde sahab fought very courageously. It was inspiring to all the participants and everybody was feeling proud of the participant in the cycle rally. After Kanshi Ram left BAMCEF organisation, there was huge gap of activists in the organisation. Considering the crunch of activists in the organisation Khaparde sahab immediately organised various programs pertaining to creation of dedicated workers for BAMCEF. He was such a commited activist of the organisation that once he got accident with the local train while entering the fast moving local train. He could not succeed and fall down. He got several injuries. But inspite of that injuries he told his workers that he will prefer to go by Bus and will not relax. Such was the commitment of Khaparde sahab for the society.
Khaparde sahab could not resist the anger. Sadaram was working in Congress. Once he abused Dr.Ambedkar. Khaparde Sahab got very angry and he slapped on Sadaram’s face which resulted in his damaging his teeth. Sadanand filed FIR against this act and a fine of INR 10000 was imposed on Khaparde sahab. He was ready to go to jail as he was not having a single penny to return it against the FIR. Mr.Shingade and Borkar sahab returned the money.
Once Khaparde sahab went to his close relative. He had his food at their house. But during the discussion that relative spoke few words against Dr.Ambedkar. Khaparde sahab got very angry and he immediately told that the food he had at relatives place will not get digest and he went outside the room and forcibly done vomiting. Such was the proud of Dr.Ambedkar and our fore fathers to Khaparde sahab. He was staying in rental accommodation in pune and died in rental accommodation only. Even his family were using Muncipality toilets as they were not having personal one. He sacrificied all his personal and family needs and dedicated his full life for development of BAMCEF organisation and Phuley-Ambedkarite movement. He even could not spare enough time with his family. His first preference was the society. These were the views expressed by Mr.U.N.Shingade.
This dedicated program to pay homage to Yashkayi D.K.Khaparde sahab was presided by Hon. B.D.Borkar sahab.

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