Historical Developments of July Month

Date Events
  • Jotirao Phooley started school in Anna Chiplunkar’s House at Budhwar Peth, Pune – 1851
  • The Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha a public meeting  of  the Depressed  Classes was held at the Cowasji Jahangir Hall – 1927
  • Lokananatha sent letter to Dr. Ambedkar from Colombo – 1936
  • Dr. Ambedkar left for London to complete his studies by “City of Aquicitor”. He stayed at 96, Brook Green, Hammersmith, London – 1920
  • Dr. Ambedkar  started legal practice as a Barrister at Bombay – 1923
  • Dr. Ambedkar left for Delhi to attend a meeting of the National Defense Council – 1942
  • Shahu Maharaj started Shivaji Vedik Vidyalaya Vasatigriha (Hostel) – 1920
  • Dr. Ambedkar was appointed on the Select Committee on the Bombay University (Amendment) Bill – 1930
  • Rajnandgaon Depressed Classes Conference was held under the president ship of Babu Bansilal Ramteke to support the conversion resolution of Dr. Ambedkar – 1936
  • A conference held under the president ship of Dadasaheb Gaikwad to support announcement of conversion at Mukhed.Nasik- 1937
  • Dr. Ambedkar  founded People’s Education Society at Mumbai – 1945
  • Satyagriha at Khulna (Bengal) by “Untouchables” before the temple of Kali -1929
  • Dr. Ambedkar  was selected on Governor General Executive Council – 1942
  • Jotirao Phooley made his Will (which makes before death) – 1887
  • All India Depressed Conference was held at Bombay – 1932
  • Dr. Ambedkar was selected as president of Bombay Municipal Worker’s Union – 1945
  • Dr. Ambedkar was given a send-off at the aerodrome by different leaders of the Marathas and the City Hindu Sabha leaders – 1947
  • Dr. Ambedkar addressed to the Dalit Federation Conference at Nasik – 1933
  • He returned Bombay from Delhi, he attended a dinner given by his friends and admirers at the Radio Club, Bombay – 1942
  • Dr. Ambedkar made speech before Municipality Labour Union – 1941
  • The Independent Labour Party and the Bombay Municipal Labour Union held a meeting to congratulate their leader – 1942
  • A meeting of All India Depressed Classes Association’s Executive committee was held at Shimla – 1930
  • Dr. Ambedkar made speech at Chalisgaon in Khandesh – 1937
  • Dr. Ambedkar spoke in the meeting of the Untouchables at Parel in Mumbai – 1940
  • Dr. Ambedkar submitted a memorial to Sir Roger Lumley, Governor of Bombay, regarding Mahar Vatans – 1941
  • Labour Minister Dr. Ambedkar was ill and Gadgebaba was met him – 1949
  • A meeting of Building Fund Committee was held at Damodar Hall, Parel – 1952
  • People were congratulated to Dr. Ambedkar after he appointed as Labour Minister – 1942
  • Scheduled Castes Federation started struggle for their political rights in the response of Dr. Ambedkar’s order which he was made in the session of Bombay Legislative Council which was held at Pune – 1946
  • Rajbhoj interviewed Gandhi and told him that the Congress leaders were not the representatives of the Scheduled Castes – 1946
  • The British Parliament passed the Act of Indian Independence – 1947
  • Satya Shodhak Samaj of Pune arranged a sermon of Swami Dayanand Saraswati at Bhidewada – 1875
  • Dr. Ambedkar spoke before activists of Kalaram Temple Entry Movement at Nasik – 1932 
  • Dr. Ambedkar made speech at Nagpur – 1942
  • Dr. Ambedkar left Bombay to Poona, before departure he gave an interview – 1946
  • A struggle was started at Pune for the Separate Electorates to Depressed Classes – 1946
  • Jotirao Phooley was published his book “Shetkaryacha Aasood” – 1883
  • He along with N. Shivraj the President-elect of the All India Conference of the Depressed Classes, reached Nagpur at 9 on the morning. He addressed the mammoth Conference – 1942
  • Death of Annabhau Sathe – 1969
  • Dr. Ambedkar took oath as the member of Bombay Legislative Council – 1937
  • Dr. Ambedkar founded All-India Scheduled Caste Federation – 1942
  • Dr. Ambedkar was selected in Constituent Assembly from Bengal Legislative Council – 1942
  • Dr. Ambedkar  arrived at New York and joined the Columbia University in the faculty of Political Sciences – 1913
  • Dr. Ambedkar convened a meeting at the Damodar Hall when was formally resolved to found the Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha – 1924
  • Dr. Ambedkar spoke in the conference of Samata Sainik Dal, held under the president ship of Gopal Singh at Mangwada in Pune – 1927
  • Dr. Ambedkar was inducted into the Viceroy’s Executive Council as Labour Member – 1942
  • Dr. Ambedkar took admission in Colombo University of in New York – 1913
  • Dr. Ambedkar gave the famous and great message: Educate, Agitate and Organize – 1942 Dr. Ambedkar addressed  a meeting of the Scheduled Castes Federation at Pune. Satyagriha at Pune against congress – 1946
  • Dr. Ambedkar was felicitated and presented a purse at Aurangabad and spoke before Bar Council
  • Subhash Chandra Bose met him at Bombay. After a talk on the federation he asked Bose his attitude to the  problem of the Scheduled Castes. Bose, it seems did not have a convincing reply to give – 1940
  • Dr. Ambedkar was re-elected to the Constituent Assembly in the vacancy caused by M R Jayakar’s resignation – 1947
  • The constituent Assembly adopted the Tri-colour flag with the Ashoka Chakra on it as the National Flag – 1947
  • Nabhik Students Hostel was started at Kolhapur on the land at Rankala which was donated by Shahu Maharaj – 1921
  • Dr. Ambedkar withdrew the bill he had introduced in the Assembly on 19-3-1928
  • Dr. Ambedkar withdrew the bill to amend the Hereditary Offices Act. – 1929
  • Dr. Ambedkar addressed to the leaders of Nasik District – 1935
  • Dr. Ambedkar addressed a meeting under the auspices of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic society – 1950
  • Birth of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur – 1874,  Shahu Maharaj made free and compulsory primary education – 1917
  • Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur issued orders for reservation of 50% post in the state services for the backward classes – 1902
  • The Depressed Classes of Amaravati gave an ultimatum to the temple authorities for temple entry – 1927
  • Dr. Ambedkar spoke before Nasik District leaders in the gathering of Manmad about Chavdar Tank case – 1938
  • Dr. Ambedkar boarded a train at Boulegne reaching Marseilles, he embarked the s.s. Kaiser-i-Hind- 1917
  • Dr. Ambedkar spoke in the Bombay Legislative Council on the Bombay University Bill – 1927 Dr. Ambedkar went to Satara to handle a case of a Mahar of Satara – 1928
  • Dr. Ambedkar gave an interview to a representative of The Times of India, Bombay and left for Delhi, in the evening – 1942
  • Dr. Ambedkar took his seat as Labour Minister in Viceroy’s Executive Council – 1927
  • Dr. Ambedkar spoke in the Bombay Legislative Assembly on maternity leave facilities to women workers – 1928
  • Ninth number of Bahishrikit Bharat fortnightly was published – 1927
  • Dr. Ambedkar recommended help from government to the untouchable flood victims of Kamathee-Nagpur, giving 400 houses and helped to needy – 1933
  • President Rajendra Prasad opposed Hindu Code Bill – 1948
  • The Constituent Assembly sat in a long session – 1949
  • Dr. Ambedkar made a speech in meeting of Scheduled Castes Federation of Marathwada – 1953
  • Dr. Ambedkar was discussed on Poona Pact in Joint Parliamentary Committee – 1933
  • Dr. Ambedkar was on his way to Dhulia on  a professional visit, he was accorded a great ovation at dawn by the Depressed Classes at Chalisgaon Station. In the morning he reached Dhulia at eight o’clock and was greeted with shouts of new slogan – “Who is Ambedkar?” “Ambedkar is our King!” In the afternoon, he was entertained at a tea-party by Barve of Harijan Sevak Sangh. In the afternoon, he was entertained at a tea-party by Barve of Harijan Sevak Sangh.

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  1. BALU on July, 2011 at 11:50 am

    This is an excellent calender of imporatant events in the history.

  2. SHANKER KUMAR on August, 2011 at 9:24 pm


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