Series of Maharashtra District level Conventions

BAMCEF Pune District Level Convention
5th June 2011
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Sanskrutik Bhavan, Maldhakka, Pune – 1

Inaguration by : Dr.Bhagwan Thakur – (Principal- Naurosji Wadia College –Pune)

Presided by : Mr.B.D.Borkar (Incharge- BAMCEF Offshoot Wings)

Topics for Discussins :

1)     The future of my Mulnivasi Bahujan Society is dependent on my dedication and sacrifice.

2)     The corrupt Brahminical Political system can be uprooted with the politics inspired by Phuley-Ambedkarite Ideology.

Speakers : 1) Mr.Nitis Navsagre – (Principal –Sankararao Chavan Law college, Pune), Mr. Suresh Khopade –IPS, Pune

Presided by : Mr.B.D.Borkar (Incharge- BAMCEF Offshoot Wings)

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