Cadre Centric Convention : An Unique Event

27th National Convention of BAMCEF recently held during 19th to 22nd December, 2010 at Pachayapass College ground, Chennai amid the heavy odd of un-seasonal rain was a grand success and a unique event in itself. The level of patience, commitment and dedication of the cadres was really admirable as they stood firm and unshaken by the discomfort fall on them due to the unexpected rains on the very first day. However the proceedings went smoothly as the arrangements to face such situations were made in advance and the rain also opted not to fall again from the next day.

The system of conduction of the deliberations in the convention was altogether new to the cadres. It was all about being in camp with the members ‘only’ and actively participating in the churning of thoughts. Hence it was actually a cadre centric approach. It included delegate sessions of five hours on every of the four days. The points for discussion amongst the cadres in delegate sessions were focused on understanding of mission and missionary organization, the Mulnivasi identity and alternative ways and means to generate desired financial resources for the Phule-Ambedkarite movement and the mission. For the discussions the cadres were divided into 30 groups of about 30 to 40 members and they discussed the issues thoroughly and prepared notes on the given topics. The group leaders then presented the same from the dais. Again there was a open house discussion on their presentations in the general house chaired by a member CEC chosen for the purpose.

Apart from the above sessions there were sessions for the local Mulnivasi public named open public awakening sessions during evening hours of all the four days except the last day evening dedicated for the valedictory session. They were about very vital and burning national issues like caste based census, Indian judiciary’s unjust approach towards the religious minority and the changing face of Brahminical terrorism in the country.

The conduction of the general body meeting on a separate whole day after the completion of the convention was an additional feature attached to this cadre centric convention. This has been there in practice from last year. However the participation of members was very remarkable this year and it is expected that it will become more active and effective in future.

In nutshell we can say that the whole exercise is moving towards creating an alternative culture oriented to develop a nationwide movement and accomplishing a mission of change of social systems in India from an ideology of inequality and unjust society created and imposed by alien Arya-Brahmins to the Indian society based on equality, justice, liberty and fraternity.

This reminds us about the Paulo Freire’s alternative method of “problem-posing” which suggest to concentrate on showing people that they have the right to ask questions on the hows and whys, that they have the right to find out about causes and influences in their lives. An important aspect of this method is “dialogue”. Dialogue means that the relationship between group leader and group members is horizontal. The roles of leader and group member are interchangeable, and the leader learns from group members as well as group members from the leader. This joint enquiry by means of dialogue into the experience of our lives can bring to the surface the real program for the group. Since this theory from the pedagogy of the oppressed helps us in analyzing and interpreting the efforts of BAMCEF in raising critical consciousness amongst the cadres and the public it actually indicates that the caravan (mission) is leading in right direction. Hence with best wishes we shall congratulate them for the new success. Also for the better future, in advance…! Jai Bhim! Jai Mulnivasi!!

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