Democracies Don’t Run on Dictation They Run By Self-Representation – Dr.Vivek Kumar

This is a ploy to dis-credit the government and state, parliament, Supreme Court, all other government institution and in a word the whole democracy.
If Anna and his Civil Society don’t trust so many institutions of democracy then why should we trust him and individuals around him? What he wants to say is this that all the state (government) is corrupt therefore we should give it to private sector. The Media understands it well and that is why it has been highlighting Anna’s crowed a movement. This is just a collection of Urbanites who always rush to faceless enemy. But they will never come for social justice in which they see their caste-ist face. Dalits and poor have only hope from the government and democracy because they have got something from it only. If there were no democratic institutions Dalits would have got anything. Look at the composition of Indian Civil societies and Private Sector. They have not included any Dalits at any level. So how this Lok Pal Bill will be good for Dalits?

Look at the symbols they have used ‘Bhara Mata’ why not Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, Sikhism, etc. symbol. That means what is Brahmanic Hinduism is Bhartiya or Indian. This is Hindu hegemony. Secondly look Shanti and Peasant Bhooshan they are father and son team. Is this not dynastic? You did not get any one else to form the five member committee to discuss the clauses of the proposed Bill. Secondly, there is no women, minority and Dalit member in the five member committee formed to negotiate the Lok Pal Bill. All are
upper caste male. So they do not have any sensitivity for the gender, caste and religious diversity which exists in Indian Society.

Above all Babasaheb also argued that we should not resort to
unconstitutional means for our demands. We should first go to the
constitutional means if that are exhausted then we can go for these type of blackmailing. Gandhi used this blackmail against Babasaheb against separate electorate. Democracy cannot be dictated by few self-appointed leaders. They don’t trust 542 MPs who are elected by billions of people. But they are telling us to believe that we should trust these five people with backing of certain urban people.

Therefore we cannot say that this was a social movement which is good for the society in general and Dalits, minorities and women in particular.

Please Watch this programme on NDTV INDIA

http://khabar. LiveVideo. aspx?id=196127.


Dr. Vivek Kumar
Associate Professor
Centre for the Study of Social Systems
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi – 110 067

3 Responses to Democracies Don’t Run on Dictation They Run By Self-Representation – Dr.Vivek Kumar

  1. Manvar Suresh on April, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    Dear Vivek sir,

    Thanks and good see on NDTV.
    We all are with you keep continue

    Jaybhim Jay mulnivasi

  2. Bankim Samaddar on April, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    I respect the people who led this fight against corruption.However I cannot stop asking the question where does this conscience go when the matter of Caste atrocities come?Why noboby fasts or holds the government in ransom for this cause?After-all Caste virus is far more virulent than Corruption virus.
    I am waiting for the Annas who can force the power-that-be to act against Caste virus.
    Thank you Sir for this thought provoking article,

  3. hemant gaikwad on June, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Hi all,
    First of all very happy & proud on the thought provoking article & strongly raising the hidden issues by Dr. Vivek Kumar under the debris of so-called civil-societies Baba’s & Anna’s, I do respect Anna’s clear image B8 that’s not enough, Why he didn’t question Baba Ramde’s properties, & the points Dr. Vivek raised e.g the symbol dat ressembles to that of RSS, The undemocratic formation of Anna’s Drafting committee where there isn’t any single representatives from women, minorities, & SC ,ST or OBC , but out of Five members there are two of them from one family. There lies something else beneath these.
    Whereas the Judiciary the, parliament Mechanism at least been forced to give These social classes a fair chance
    Thus before rejecting & doubting the representatives we elected, & supporting these Un-elected & self-Declared Representatives we need to think 10 times..
    Because we need to take immense care of the Democracy, which does gives us the right to raise Voice… Before trusting Anna’s & Baba’s always Trust your Questioning Brain first… Be careful…
    Jai Bharat

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