Egypt Revolution an analysis & a lesson to be learnt by us


  1. Democracy enforces accountability, and that is the last thing corrupt leaders and autocrats want. However one point is worth observing in the uprising of the Eygpt, that although there was resentment in the rural part of Eygpt, the entire revolution was led by young and educated mass. With the advent of the internet, social networking, and ubiquitous cell-phone networks, combined with a highly educated and young motivated population, change is coming to the whole region faster than anyone could have imagined.
  2. The revolutionary movement gained the momentum because of the participation of women, especially when their country is so orthodox, where the religious sanctions give so less voice to the women for their own empowerment and of the country. This has impressed the International community to a large extent and it was said by US Secretary Hillary Clinton in one of her interview with CNN.
  3. US Secretary Hillary Clinton used to interact with these revolutionary groups through internet.
  4. As many Egyptians have said in the past weeks or so, this was not so much a revolution to get democracy as it was to gain back their dignity. This shows their maturity and there by proves maturity of their movement. They know that only establishing Democracy is not everything, but the Democracy should give them the most pious thing to them which is dignity, dignity to all from all & that to forever.
  5. Since Egypt is the most populous Arab country, at the heart of the Islamic world, and home to Sunni Islam’s most famous intellectual center, you cannot separate Egypt from “Arabs/Muslims” as “former” and “latter”, as if these are two distinct entities when they are in fact overlapping entities.
  6. Why didn’t Hoshni Mubarak ordered his Military to ruin the protestors, it was because he knew that his orders will not be obeyed, because they soldiers were with the masses, and the international community would take a cognizance.
  7. There were several attempts maid by the ruling class and the supporter of the Despot, to confuse, to sabotage their movement, but shear because it was led by the educated class all these attempts were countered successfully.
  8. The temperament of the activist and their integrity was worth observing. This place a major role in any movement. The revolutionaries took a path of protest in peaceful manner and hence it was very difficult for the rulers to use their force and power, rather to use their force to suppress the demonstrators.
  9. The movement gains momentum but what is crucial is to control the entire situation and to stick to the strategy adopted by the leaders who led the movement.

10.  None of the organization come forward to claim the movement is led by them, does that mean that there wasn’t any, nay there were and not one, few national organizations which has come together with common objective.

11.  The people were not sure whether they would be able to dethrone the despot, however the organizations who started mass protest were confidant, because they were sure that the yield point to trigger the mass movement was attained by mass mobilization and churning of thoughts.

12.  It is proven beyond doubt that the churning of thought and mass mobilization has to be worked as a process which cannot be seen by naked eyes during its initial stages. This can be seen only when people come out of their house on the streets against the regime for a change, for a complete change. When people are ready to take bullets on their chest, this action needs a mental preparation. Imagine the challenge of preparing the masses for the revolution especially when you do not have a freedom of thought, a freedom of speech.

13.  The uprising in Eygpt was because of the revolutionary movement led by National Organizations in which the intellectual class especially the young class has participated, engaged and consolidated all their mental, physical and financial resources, to achieve their common goal, a goal of complete change in all power structures of their country forever. This is a lesson to be learnt by us for the emancipation of our people belonging to the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj, from the tyrannies imposed on us from thousands and thousands of years by the Brahminical Social Order in India.

Jai Bhim  Jai Mulnivasi & Jai Bharat

Yours In Mission, 

Dhirendra Rangari


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