Did you know???

  • The dropout rate is 90% to 94% in schools, from kindergarten to class 12th.
  • Rs.2,300 crores or US$0.5 billion spent every day by the 35 states and UT’s of India to run the country. Are the citizens happy?
  • India has 363 Universities vs 900 in China
  • Agriculture productivity is 50% as of China
  • India receives a lot of rain but because of poor water management we get floods or drought.
  • Cash out-flow of about US$10 billion per year for Indian students leaving India for foreign Universities, because of lack of seats and quality education within India. These funds enough to build 40 IIM’s & 20 IIT’s per year! It is estimated that about 120,000 students leave every year for foreign studies. 50% opt for a two year Masters course and the balance 50% for a four year Under Graduate course

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  1. narayan singh on April, 2011 at 7:01 am

    indian govt should develop the own anciet education system like nalanda university.

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