Tribute to Mahamanav

Rashtrapita  Jotiba Govindrao Phule was born on 11th April 1827. He was the pioneer of women’s education in India, activist, thinker, social reformer, writer, philosopher, theologist, scholar, editor and revolutionary.

Rashtranirmata Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar  was born on 14 April 1891. He is known as Babasaheb. He was an Indian jurist, political leader, Buddhist activist, philosopher, thinker, anthropologist, historian, orator, prolific writer, economist, scholar, editor, revolutionary and a revivalist for Buddhism in India. He was also the chief architect of the Indian Constitution

Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj pays tribute to Rashtrapita Jotirao Phuley and Rashtranirmata Dr.B.R.Ambedkar on his 185th and 120th Birth anniversary respectively.

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