People’s Education Society, Bombay (PES) (1945)

Education is the sine qua non of the liberation of any community and especially of the Dalits. Considering the importance of education in the liberation of Dalits, Dr.Ambedkar founded the People’s Education Society at Bombay on 8th July 1945. The aims and objectives of the society were ;

1)      To provide facilities for education-secondary, collegiate, technical, physical and the like

2)      To start, establish, conduct educational institutions such as schools, colleges, hostels, libraries, playgrounds etc. at suitable places in the state of Bombay as well as in any other part of India, or give aid to such institutions.

3)      To provide facilities for the education of the poor.

4)      To create and foster a general interest in education amongst the scheduled castes and in particular to give them special facilities and scholarships for higher education in India and abroad.

5)      To promote science, literature and fine arts and to impart useful knowledge.

6)      To cooperate, amalgamate or affiliate the society or any institution or institutions run by or belonging to the society, to any other institution or society with a view to securing further advancement of the aims and objects of the society.

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