Unless the Mulnivasis of this country take up the fight against brahminical terrorism by defending democracy, our liberation is not possible – P.D.Satyapal (National President –BAMCEF Teachers wing)

Delivering his presidential speech on the topic of Brahminical terrorism, Dr.P.D.Satyapal said that any kind of terrorism is problem for national security. But we need to understand why BAMCEF is very peculiar on this topic of brahminical terrorism. In India cross border terrorism is not a problem, but the cross thread terrorism is more dangerous. For this reason, we are saying that the changing face of brahminical terrorism is a serious threat to not only the security, but the integrity of this country. In Anthropological point of view, terrorism is only a means by a group of people to achieve some ends. Generally these are political ends but sometimes they also can be economic. Terrorism is also associated with two other isms called as fascism with fundamentalism. Historically fundamentalism has been using the means of terrorism. Famous sociologist Bjorkman has explained that the combination of fundamentalism along with terrorism has been the essential weapon of any oppressive forces. He also said that to operationalize fundamentalism or terrorism there has to be two enemies. One necessarily should be an internal enemy and other, the external enemy. Towards the internal enemy oppressor’s approach is to always keep them under subjugation, control and never let them go beyond your control. If they are trying to go off the hook, then apply periodic terror and publicly display your militant face. This is how theoretically an internal enemy will be dealt with in fundamentalism or terrorism. The external enemy needs to be tackled with the help of internal enemy. This is a mode of operation through which fundamentalism or terrorism is maintained in the society. Analysis clearly shows that Brahminism is mix of fundamentalism, terrorism and fascism. Many anthropologists have studied this phenomenon abroad and in case of India, K.N.Panikkar, Achind Vachik, Rajni Kothare, Prakash Louis and others conducted studies. They were of the opinion that there are several types of terrorism in the world, but brahminical terrorism is the holistic terrorism. When we look at Judaic fundamentalism or Christian fundamentalism, it is mostly related to religion aspects. But brahminical terrorism is overlapping of social, political, economic and religious aspects. Therefore it is a holistic terrorism. Fundamentalism has basically come out to support the religion. In order to see that these established religions are protected, vigorously and passionately propagated, they used such kind of violence or terrorism. But in case of Brahminism initially violent methods were used by Aryans to attack the natives and to sustain their dominance, Spiritual terrorism has been devised and along with that a structural terrorism has been established. Therefore, in order to protect that system brahminical religion was initiated. This is the basic difference between other religious fundamentalism and Brahminism. So, brahminical terrorism in structural terms is a karmic terror, which is based on inequality. They take away all our rights, resources and they will say if you are suffering, it is not Brahmin’s fault but your own karmic fault. We know that psychological violence is more dangerous than physical violence. Brahminical society is formed basically  on structural violence, where it says that you are not a human being, but a sub human being and worse than animals. This is basically a spiritual terror. They always say that it is not I who is saying this, but our gods have said so.. They bring gods in the defense of inequality and violence and show that it is the will of gods and they are acting on their behest. They say they had originated the system and maintaining it in the name of god. They say they are Bhudevas, i.e., gods on the earth and its their pious duty to see that this structural, karmic, spiritual fascism is maintained in the society.

     When Aryans invaded India, Mulnivasis were internal enemy for them and same Mulnivasis became external enemy later on when things started changing. When Buddhism started its attack on Brahminism, Buddhists became their external enemy and Mulnivasis became their internal enemy. Therefore Brahminism has always been violent. It has never been peaceful. It has always been violent spiritually and structurally. And when people came up for their rights, Brahmins came up with their open violence. It may be visible or invisible, all the times Brahminism is terrorism.

     RSS in 1920 was formulated, when Mulnivasis were fighting for their rights under the British rule. The British were trying to extend equal voting rights to all adults, as it was exiting in their own country. Brahminical forces thought this as a threat and immediately they started action. Sawarkar a Maharashtrain brahmin declared to ‘Hinduise all politics and militarize Hinduism’. Telugu Brahmin Hegdewar declared the establishment of RSS and the Kanrad brahmin Golwalkar has thoroughly developed the organizational aspects and the Deshstha brahmin Munje took it forward to form a fascist organisation. Italian Scholar Marzia Casolari,  drew parallels between Hindutva and the fascist ideology of Italy, exposed the Sangh Parivar’s doctrine of separatism and supremacy. He exposed that in 1931 Munje came to Italy and meet all the fascist leaders including Musolini and came back to India and formalized RSS. The slogan of one nation, one people and one culture is taken from these Nazis. So RSS is a facist, fundamentalist and terrorist organisation. After formation of RSS, the Mulnivasis and women became their internal enemy and the external enemies were shown as Muslims. It was Hindu Maha Sabha which started Hindu-Muslim riots in 1922. Tilak, Golwalkar, Sawarkar, Phadke and Ghodse started brahminical terrorism in this country. Munje in his personnel diary wrote about the  swayam sewaks as the ‘militant brahmin boys’. They wanted to ensure that their supremacy is not threatened in the changing democratic policies. So they organised this kind of a terror.

Further Dr.Satyapal spoke about different facets of brahminical terror. Brahminical terror is normally referred as religious terror. After independence, there was a slogan, ‘Hinduonke liye Hindusthan and Musalmano ke liye kabrasthan’ (For Hindus there will be India and for Muslims it is grave yard.) They are showing kabrasthan to 15 crore Muslims of this country. (Of which 94% are converts from SC’s/ST’s and OBC’s). Brahminical forces in the name of Muslims are actually targeting SC/ST/OBC’s so that they will always be threatened and remain under their supremacy.

Brahminism has other face of social terrorism. All the militant caste senas are the products of Brahminism. Ranvir sena of Bihar is the formation of Bhumihar Brahmins. Bhumihars are none other than Brahmins, rather militant Brahmins. Infact, in Bihar they called Ranvir sena as Bramaharsha Sena. They wanted to show that their external enemy is Maoists, the Naxalites. But though they are targeting naxalites, they are killing the SC’s/ ST’s. Like this there are several caste senas, called as Bhumi senas, kisan senas, kunwar senas etc.  This terrorism can be observed in two areas. While it is urban terrorism in Mumbai, Ahemedabad etc, we have rural terrorism too which is being carried out everyday in this country. This social terror to us is very dangerous. Anita Pratap (Journalist – Times of India) in her book, Islands of blood wrote that these perpetuators of terrorism always raise a slogan that they want to ‘teach a lesson to Mulnivasis’. And the lesson is that the Mulnivasis have to be under the subjugation of brahminical forces. We should never try to destabilize this brahminical social order.

Like social terror, there does exist cultural terror. For example, the ban on cow slaughters. They say cow is their Gomata (cow mother) ‘Goraksha is desh ki raksha’ (Protecting cow is like protecting nation). They started ban on cow slaughter. By saying so they want to attacks Muslims. They know that Muslims and SC/ST eat beef. And fact is that it was the Brahmins who were ardent beef- eaters in this country.

There is also economic terror. There are hunger deaths of Mulnivasis in this country, though there is surplus food grains rotting in the go downs. This is good example of economic terror. Dr.Ambedkar while explaining the philosophy of Hinduism said that Brahmanism is nothing but an enforced poverty on Mulnivasis. It is the gospel of slavery.

There is also in existence the educational terror. Terror does exist in schools, colleges and other educational institutes. The Mulnivasis students and teachers are always kept under silent terror. If anybody wants to propagate democratic principles they threaten the employment base of the teacher. Talking in the area of bureaucratic terror, Dr.Satyapal said that particularly the character of police was under question whether it is a post Godhra case or Ayodhya incident. Researchers have clearly shown that pro RSS police have been involved in all rapes, looting and murders, initially. Dr.Ambedkar in 1943 was member of Viceroy Council and also on Defense committee. He observed that in the Army most of the Officer posts are occupied by Brahmins, whereas foot soldiers are indigenous people of this country. So Dr.Ambedkar said that it is not enough if the army is Indianised, but it also should be democratized. Unless army is democratized, Dr.Ambedkar foresaw that it will be a threat for this country.

Judicial terror is also another facet of Brahminical terror which has been flourishing in this country and issuing anti-constitutional and anti democratic judgments.  With regard to the use of non-Constitutional word Merit in the context of representation to Mulnivasis, brahminical terror is observed in judiciary. Dr.Ambedkar said ‘If a judge is corrupt, one party would suffer, but if a judge is partisan, the whole society would suffer’.

In this country, terror goes on even in the name of democracy. Almost all National parties talk of democratic revolution. The C.P.M says that its struggle is for Peoples Democratic Revolution. The C.P.I says that they are for National Democratic Revolution. Maoists claim to be fighting for New Democratic Revolution.  The Congress talks about Political Democratic Revolution.  Even RSS and VHP also say that they are also working for Bharatiya Democratic Revolution, talking of Akhand Bharat. But  all these forces oppose the Constitution.  The Constitution as drafted by Babasaheb, in its Preamble talks of a holistic Democratic Revolution based on social, economic and political facets. So all these parties on one side talk of democratic revolution but deny the means to achieve it.

Today we are discussing brahminical terrorism but the Brahminical people themselves have conducted conferences on the rise of brahminical terror way back in 2003 at Tanjore, Tamilnadu. This conference was held to discuss the perils of brahminical terrorism and it was organized by Brahmins. Even before the sufferers open their voices, the oppressors talk on behalf of the oppressed! This indicates that our enemy is much ahead and far sharper in countering our tactics. If brahminical thrives, caste system thrives and there will be social inequality, also economic, political and cultural inequality and no democracy.  In all facets of democratic arrangement, this terrorism will create its adverse impact. Hence Dr.Ambedkar in 1950 said ‘if democracy dies it will be your doom’ and ‘if things go in such a pass, there is a danger of manusmruti rule once again’. Today this manusmruti rule has been brought through back door of judiciary, education and   brahminical politics.

Today we can see that the Phuley-Ambedkarite movement has created this democratic arrangement and only because of this democratic arrangement we could get our rights-Right to walk, talk, wear a shirt, take education, employment and decent life at least to some. Everything we got through a democratic setup. Therefore, the brahminical forces  time and again  are plotting to see that democracy is defeated and diluted. Dr.Ambedkar stressed that we have to safeguard this democracy and also we have to make this democracy work. If there is rise in brahminical terrorism, then there is threat to democracy and the only way to tackle this threat is to vigorously propagate Phuley-Ambedkarite ideology with strong national organization. We must realize that our liberation is not possible unless we as Mulnivasis  understand the nuances of brahminical terror and take up the challenge to defend democracy and see that democracy is established in this country.

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