“There is not a single riot in the history of this country, were a single Brahmin was killed” – Dr. Manisha Bangar –(National President – Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh)

Delivering her views on the mass awakening topic related to brahminical terrorism, Dr.Manisha Bangar said that terrorism relates to the establishment of terror in the minds of people. The word itself carries the significance that by hearing itself one should get fear. Also this fear is not limited to the person, his family and society, but it is carried forward from generation to generation. It means that fear of terrorism is transmitted from mother to her child, a father to his family, a caste to their brethren and a group to another group. This terrorism is propagated from one generation to other not only through information, literature but the history perpetuated during that time. This type of terrorism is created by none other than Brahmins. Whatever terrorism is existing in this country, it has been in totality brahminical terrorism.

If we look into history or the so called holy books of Ramayana and Mahabharat, we can see the presence of terrorism there. Buddhism was destroyed from this country due to terrorism. Saint Tukaram was killed due to terrorism. This was not physical terrorism, but in the words of Tukaram, “I will not be so sad if I lose my life, but if my abhangas,  literature is destroyed then it will be my real death. And I am seeing my death daily”. This type of terrorism where one can see his death daily, is the most fearful terrorism. If any person is killed due to attack on him, the terrorism ends there itself. But looking at one’s own death daily when he is alive is the worst kind of terrorism and not bearable. For thousands of years our people are suffering from this type of terrorism.

Differentiating between physical and mental /ideological terrorism , Dr.Manisha said that the later is much worse . The ideological terrorism has given rise to not only the subjugation for people but subjugation of generations together and that has transformed time and again. Sometime there is ideological terrorism, whereas sometime it is physical terrorism, but terrorism is continued in this country. Right from 1893 till date the ideological terrorism is transformed slowly into physical terrorism. All shastras put many restrictions on ladies and they were made slaves of men. There were specific rules made for making ladies slave.  This was also a part of terrorism. In the beginning of 20th century, other part of terrorism came into picture. Our Mulnivasi Muslim brethren were targeted and brought infront of us under the banner of terrorist. This terrorism is continued till date.

In 1893, the formation of Hindu samaj, Arya samaj was done. Right from this period the Muslims were targeted. The land used for experimenting this terrorism was the land of Maharashtra, specifically the Pune district and it was done by Poona Brahmins. The revolution done by Rashtrapita Jotiba Phuley was not digested by these Brahmins. Jotiba phuley critically analysed and exposed the brahminical conspiracies and hence these Brahmins were very much disturbed. So they were highly in need of a enemy, so that society can concentrate on this enemy instead of Arya Brahmins.   During independence they propagated themselves under nationalist identity. In 1992 our enemy came with the concept of establishing Hindu Rashtra. Arya Brahmins were feared of getting snatched their rights on the power structure by Mulnivasis. Hence they brought this concept. These Brahmins are totally in a position to hold all policy deciding posts, but still they are more worried. So these Arya Brahmins are not interested in power but they want absolute power. In today’s context they have to compromise with everything. They have to see that states are ruled by shudras, which is against their Manusmruti law. They also are not able to digest women development in all fields. These all examples are against their principle of supremacy. This all is having due to want of absolute subjugation.

Many Historians and revolutionist like Nietzsche and Hitler still inspires the Arya Brahmins and their organization like RSS. Nietzsche appreciates Manusmruti and says that Bible is nothing before manusmruti. He says that, “when I read the law book of manu an incomparably spiritual and superior work has been done and it will be sin to compare it with Bible”. In the same way the Golwalkar of RSS says in the “Nation defined” that the work done by Hitler is appreciable and Germany has shown us a path by saying that it is very much impossible to bring various races and their culture in one nationhood as they believe in superior and inferior race. There are basic differences and can not be assimilated and it is very important lesson for us. The slogan propagated by Nazi was in work, in race unfair. This slogan was transmited by RSS as one nation, one culture and one people. After some year Bhai Parmanand says that “I find a great affinity between Hitlers national socialism and Varnashram of Hindu. In 1992 Oneil Biswas and Shyamchand wrote in their book the secret circular of RSS 411. Today we can see how the conceptualization of supremacy, god, super god is getting flourished. Some of the highlights of the circular were 1) SC’s, BC’s to be recruited as party and volunteers to fight against Ambedkarites and Muslims 2) Hindutva to be preached as a concept of enemy. 3) The SC and Muslim women shall be gang raped. 4) All literature against Hindus and Brahmins shall be destroyed. 5) Attacks shall be done on such people who are producing such literature and also on Ambedkarites and Christian missionaries. As we know the events after 1992 in this country each and everything  what has been planned in the above manner was given effect and the worst kind of terrorism was unleashed on the Mulniwasi Bahujans . The UN and Amnesty international have termed the Gujarat riots as genocide. No other country except for the tribally oriented countries in African subcontinent have earned the distinction of being the homeland of a genocide in the 21st century. The Brahminical India has earned that title.

The so called Liberal, socialist people among these brahmins are admiring Vivekanand , their speaker of Vedanta philosophy and spiritualism. Most of our Mulnivasi brethren are falling prey to these philosophies. Vedanta philosophy considers everybody equal. So this is a game they are planning. Vivekanand says that, “Europeans are educating the ignorant illiterate low caste people… and it will give benefit to Europeans and low caste people”. He further said that caste has kept us alive as nation. He also raised this voice against women and said that he is against the autonomy of decision making given to women. To explain this he gave the example of Sita, who never raised a single word against her injustice and went 14 years in forest. Even widow re-marriage  was opposed by Vivekanand.

Few days back it was said that if we talk of caste, brotherhood, then it will give rise to communalism. Muslims were also called as communal and the riots were termed as communal riots. Communalism can be situational. But terrorism means that you do something to these people or not, they are mentally slaved and exposed to fear. Muslims are made as terrorist as if they are born with that spirit. This type of fearful interpretation is made before us and we are making to fight amongst our own Mulnivasi brethren. This resulted in mass riots.

Whatever riots were carried out for the last decade and before, if we look at the community which was killed in that riots, then we will come to know that in all the riots all our Mulnivasi brethren were fighting against each other and losing their lives. None of the Brahmins were killed in any of the riots. Its historical fact. So the only terrorism flourishing in this country is the brahminical terrorism and no other terrorism. Even the recent example of killing of ATS Squad commander Mr.Karkare is live example. It is now clear that none of the muslims were involved in this attack. Most of the institutions captured by brahminical people are against such cases and their involvement is a serious concern. Now Brahmin himself has come down to ground. Till date he was utilizing our brethren. But now the ideological awareness among OBC’s in the country is forcing  Brahmins to come forward and take the weapons in their own hands. These are the symptoms that our Mulnivasi brethren are slowly cornering Brahmins. But on the other hand the sad thing is that the government machineries like Intelligence Bureau, law and other organizations which are dealing with security of nations have become terrorists training centres.

There is another kind of terrorism going on in this country which is covert ,and that is, the distorted interpretation , proliferation and propagation of history and many major  events happening post transfer of power . This is carried out by the Brahminical academicians occupying superior positions in most of the academic institutions in India.

These academicians primarily belong to the liberal- left orientation. They engage in the following strategies to underplay the current undemocratic happenings and the near total subjugation of the Mulniwasi Bahujan masses in all the realms . 1) They give non clarifying and even positively  confusing intellectual and academic discourses . 2) They hide the fact that the Indian social fabric is threatened by a basic malaise, a dreadful disease of Brahminism but  term it as happenings that can be found in any developing or transitional society, also that they are disparate and disconnected. They do not choose to delve deeper and see the Brahminical roots of the violent incidences in this vast country. 3) They present social divisions as the thing of the past “on its way out” rather than bringing out its ugly transformed face in the modern times. 4) They do not explain that the divisive social, economic, educational subjugation tantamounts to terrorism and that they are connected to larger social reality such as religion, culture and institutions. 5) Confusing and ambiguous descriptions in popular medium that Hinduism and Hindutva are distinct notions, blurring the difference between communal conciousness/attitude and communal violence, reduction of the operations of varna- caste  to untouchability in the literal sense. Overall they totally avoid to isolate, identify, and interpret the deeper undercurrent in terms of ideology and the human agency behind it.

It is the duty of the intelligentsia from the Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj to expose the various ways Brahminical terrorism is manifesting and pushing the entire Nation in a state of chaos and anarchy . This internal ideological and violent terrorism can be thwarted out only by consistent , and unified struggle by the Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj on all fronts- social, political economic ,cultural. This can be made possible only by creating a socially and culturally cohesive society based on the principles of brotherhood and humanity. She urged the cadres to brace up to undertake this sublime task of countering the destructive forces and to create a Mulniwasi Bahujan Rashtra.

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  1. Mukesh Sonawane on January, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Great article. Need to have more articles like this to expose the culprits.

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