“The ultimate cause of problem is that we are Hindus. The day we are liberated from Hinduism, all our problems will vanish.” – Shiv Nandan Ram (Retd. IAS, Patna)

Delivering his views Mr. Shiv Nandan Ram said that when he was thinking what to do after his retirement, he came to know that there are problems in the society and to him also. When he thought of the cause of the problems, he realized that the problems are due to the caste system created by Brahmins. As he is Shudra, untouchable and Asura, there are problems. But all these (problems) are the creation of Brahmins. The ultimate cause of problem is that we are Hindus. The day we are liberated from Hinduism, all our problems will vanish. Keeping this in mind, the day Mr. Shiv Nandan Ram left Hinduism, he became free from everything.

It is the historical fact that the victorious castes remain to retain their supremacy or to destroy the castes (people) who are against them. The Aryan Brahmins had destroyed our Sindhu culture and made the aboriginals slave.

In the 7th century Aryans invaded Iran. The developed castes helped the Arabs. Some inhabitants surrendered by putting down their weapons. They didn’t resist. The Arabs accepted the developed castes and joined them in middle class. Those who were fighting for their self-respect were destroyed or given the lowest status of life. The same was repeated in China during 13th century. The same history was repeated in India some 4000 to 5000 years back. In India also there was one group, who surrendered without fighting and these were the people who were put under Shudras. Today’s untouchables didn’t surrender before Aryans. They kept fighting against Brahmins and finally when they were arrested, (they) were given the status of untouchable. These untouchables were deprived of all the rights, and were made dependent to live on dead animals flesh. STs also didn’t surrender and went to Forests.

Now we will see what the Terrorism is. Injustice done by proper planning and use of terror is the terrorism. Brahminical terrorism is nothing but use of terror by Brahmins for their self-interest. We will have to think of various ways of tackling this terrorism. Almost 2500 years back, Buddha countered these forces and brought the religious revolution. Today also such type of revolution is needed. We will have to make at least the ground-work for getting this revolution. Due to Buddha’s revolution, the Varna system was collapsed. It was a question of survival for Brahmins and they started joining army. One day they killed Brahadrath with the help of Pushya Mitra Sungha (a Brahmin) and declared a Brahmin kingdom.  He immediately ordered to bring shed the heads of monks and bring before him. Thus Buddhism was in danger. The Arya Brahmins destroyed Buddhism and established Brahminism, which is today’s Hinduism. But today the real Hindus are only 3%, as only Brahmins are real Hindus. It’s our duty to break this chain of slavery and liberate ourselves. India was an agricultural country for centuries. Keeping this in mind, the Arya Brahmins started Yagyas, and tried to put thousands of animals inside it (animal sacrifice) so that agriculture will suffer and our people will remain dependent for centuries.

Due to Buddha’s revolution, women got liberated. The dependant women cannot give birth to independent generation. Buddha’s revolution has resulted in political revolution of Bimbisar, Ashoka and Chandragupta Maurya. So such type of revolution is needed to tackle the Brahminical terrorism. The sad thing about our OBC brethren is that they are not liberated and they are engaged in slavery of Brahmins. Hence Dr. Ram appealed to all the cadres to work hard and bring down the gap between SCs, STs and OBCs. Jai Bhim. Jai Mulnivasi.

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