“In this nation animals have rights to get counted, but not other backward class people” – H.S.Patel (CEC Member –BAMCEF)

Presiding over the first mass awakening session Mr.H.S.Patel (CEC Member) said that the present topic was finalized after lot of thinking and deliberations. BAMCEF has played instrumental role during Mandal commission implementation period and also same efforts are made for caste based census of OBC’s. The slogans raised during Mandal Commission era are remembered even today. The slogans given were, “Mandal Commission lagu karo, varna gaddi khali karo. Jo Mandal ki baat karega, vahi desh pe raaj karega”. (Implement Mandal commission or else vacant the seats. Those who will talk of Mandal, only has right to rule the nation). Same or even more serious is the topic of caste based census for OBC’s.

                When British were ruling India, they accepted caste based census. The people who were running the swadeshi movement and who were proudly calling themselves as deshi people, are not accepting today’s caste based census. They are opposing the caste based census. Their different organizations are misguiding our society. The OBC class even though large in numbers doesn’t understand the seriousness of the topic. They will understand it when the time will elapse. Keeping this in mind BAMCEF has kept this issue for discussion for last so many years. BAMCEF wants to expose each and every conspiracy played by Arya-Brahmins.

                Elaborating more on importance of census, Mr. Patel said that the census data is only the reliable data for determining, framing any policy or keeping provision for any budget for them. It is very peculiar situation in India that animals are getting counted in this country not humans. One of the veterinary doctors of Madhya Pradesh was asked for budget provisions for animals in his department. He said that we are frequently counting the animals and based on the animals present at district and taluka levels; we approach to our department to sanction the budget. So in this country animals and even dogs are getting counted, but not backward class people. But still our backward class brothers do not understand this serious issue. Even one of the registrar said that in India there will be counting for gays. But sad situation is that there is total oppose for counting of OBC’s in the census. In MP, there was one gay, who fought for election from general seat and got elected. This also means that even gays are more vigilant for their rights and fighting for their rights, but the same is not situation with our OBC brothers. It can be seen that none of the OBC political leader called upon for mass level agitation against the denial of OBC counting in the census. But still BAMCEF is agitating among the masses by bringing awareness on this caste based census. BAMCEF has given same importance to this issue as was given for Mandal commission. It is important to have participation of all sections of Mulnivasi society in rulling the nation. It is important to note that British had done the caste based census, but the ruling party after independence ruled out the caste based census.

                After 1931, the next census was due in the year 1941. But it was not carried out due to Second World War. But the next census was due in 1951 and at that time Mr. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was Prime Minister. He was supposed to carryout caste based census as was carried out earlier, but he refused. If we look into the history of census carrying out years, we can notice that 1951 and 1961, Jawaharlal Nehru was PM, 1971 and 1981 Indira Gandhi was PM, 1991 PV Narsimha Rao was PM, and 2001 Atal Bihari Vajpayee was PM. So all the census carrying out years were ruled by Brahmins. So how we expect that these people will carry out caste based census, who themselves has created the castes to use as tool for their own benefit. Now in 2011, Manmohan Singh is PM, but still he is ruled by Pranab Mukherjee (Bengali Brahmin). So there is no change. The 1931 census on caste basis was not only relevant data for SC/ST/OBC, but even Brahmins were counted. At that time Brahmins were 45 lakhs. If today there is caste based census of all castes, then both the reports of 1931 and 2011 will be analyzed concurrently and the socio-economic conditions of SC/ST/OBC and Brahmins during 1931 and 2011 will be compared. This will definitely expose the till date conspiracies made by Arya-Brahmins and mostly OBC people will come to know the injustice done towards them. They will come to know that it is not SC/ST people who are snatching their rights, but they are these Arya-Brahmins, who in the name of SC/ST are controlling them. And that too when they are only 3% of the total population. This is the basic reason why Arya-Brahmins are not at all interested in carrying out caste based census.

                The format given for enumeration of people is very simple and if one column of OBC along with SC/ST/General was added then there was no issue. And this could have not cost any burden on the budget. But the statement issued that OBC’s will be counted separately after the census exercise is totally biased. This clearly gives the message that they simply want to eyewash our people. It is also noticed that the people who should fight against this injustice are working under enemies organizations and giving salutations of “Jai Shriram”. They are strengthening these organizations for axing their own feet.

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