“Other backward class people needs to be more vigilant on the caste based census issue as this will be the only data, which will make their childrens secured from getting their constitutional rights” –Dr.K.S.Chauhan (Sr.Adv. supreme Court)

Propounding his views on caste based census, Dr.K.S.Chauhan (Sr.Advocate- Supreme court) congratulated BAMCEF for organizing such a most relevant and pertinent discussion to awaken the common mass of Mulnivasi Bahujan Society. He pointed out that it is totally irrelevant to identify and count castes after the census activities are over. He called biometric based census a totally irrelevant enterprise. Caste based census can only give the relevant data of OBC’s, their socio-economic condition and their background. Based on this data only it can be decided what benefits, policies are needed for this class so that they can compete with others. When the Mandal commission case was before Supreme Court, there were several discussions related to it and judges were of the opinion that the data is based on 1931 census, which is before independence and does not carry significance. The data collected in 1931 was relevant till 1992 (Mandal commission implementation).After Independence no such caste based census is carried out. So there is no data after 1931. This means that the data collected by Britishers was more full proof.  Britishers were identifying all castes and based on there condition it was decided what benefits needs to be given to the socio-economically backward people. There was variable on reservation based on the data collected during census. Earlier there was only 12 % reservation for SCs but later in 1971, based on census data, it was increased to 15%. It was not changed after 1981 census, 1991 census. Also no changes were made in 2001 census. We can give adequate representation to all backward class people only if we have relevant data of their socio-economic conditions. There is no other means than census to identify these OBC’s. Census is carried out as per constitutional provisions. Political reservation is also based on census reports. Article 330, 332 speaks of census. The spirit of constitution can only be achieved if we can give adequate representation to all the undeveloped castes.

                For the last decade there was discussion on reservation in private sectors. So we tried to collect as much data possible for provision of reservation in private sectors in all other developed countries. One of the professors based in US has given the importance of human rights to this type of reservation. Hence most of the people had got benefited. Even he got representation in government contracts. If any contract is awarded to white person, then also 20% of work has to be layoff to black person. But in India situation is totally different. If we ask for representation to OBCs and their counting in census, the brahmanical forces are trying to corrupt the entire system. Without caste based census, we cannot argue for any representation in system or organisation.

                If we analyze our parliament functioning, then also we will come to know that our representation is totally handicapped. One of the MP raised one demand in the parliament. His demand was, “Will the Prime Minister be pleased to state the number of post of directors and chairman approved and cleared by the ministry during the last financial year in the public sector undertakings or enterprises”. The number of officers from SC/ST/OBC who were selected amongst the above lot is not yet given. Though there are claims by SC/ST/OBC officers, they are not getting appropriate justice, in spite of various public announcements by senior quarters. This was a parliament question V. Narayansamy (Minister of state) replied that, out of total 94 posts filled, 25 chairman and managing directors, 69 functional directors were appointed during the last financial year 2009-2010. The post of directors/ chairman in PSU’s /PESB (Public Enterprises selection board), which are senior board level post are filled up by contractual appointment. The PESB which is an apex body to make recommendation for these posts does not maintain information regarding SC/ST/OBC status of the applicant selected and candidate selected. Data maintained does not reflect caste composition; however there is no reservation for any group. There is reservation in public services. Even though there is provision of reservation, not a single candidate was selected for 94 posts.

                Now Government of India opened 214 seats for secretary and it’s likewise posts. In this there is one post for scheduled tribes, but none for scheduled caste, forget about OBC. This is the situation when this representation is accepted as per the constitution. Still they are not implementing.

                If we are not vigilant on the caste based census, even then it will not yield any result. If our representative who goes into selection committee determines not to sign if proper representation is not given to marginalized section of the society – first they will listen to him and later on will blacklist him from selection committee. Or else, they shall select our person on the condition that he will not only sign on the selection committee paper but also would endorse that, “No suitable candidates were found”. There is need of effective participation at all levels. We will get representation if we take proper stand at proper time on any of our issues. So only competent and vigilant cadres can give reply to all these conspiracies. Normally it is seen that only non-performers are recruited to higher posts. Hence sometimes it raises question mark for our own representation. Only solution to it will be producing and vigilant cadres. To expose more about the conspiracies behind non-implementation of caste based census, BAMCEF needs to take up this issue in all the nook and corner meetings, symposium and seminars. The more we can awaken the society, the more we can pressurize the ruling castes.

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