“UID is nothing but mere an eyewash of OBC people. It will take 200 years to complete this process and till then OBC’s will be deprived of their rights” –Dr. Shiv Jatan Thakur ( Prof. English Dept., Patna university)

Delivering his views on the caste based census controversy Dr.Shiv Jatan Thakur said that for the last two decades many OBC organizations are agitating for the inclusion of OBC’s in the census. In April 2009, one of the groups of Tamil Nadu filed a case and argued that states shall be given the direction for inclusion of caste in the census. You might be aware of the developments in the parliament that initially there was hesitation from the brahmanical forces to talk on the issue of caste based census. But the OBC political leaders were all united on this issue and ultimately it resulted into agreeing RSS and brahmanical forces to agree for caste based census. On 7th May 2010, Prime Minister in the parliament said that they will consider including caste in the census and very soon cabinet meeting will be called. But after the meeting all the brahmanical forces came up with the opinion that if we agree for caste based census, then we will get exposed to public and the real population of OBC’s will be known to masses. Not only this socio-economic condition of OBC’s will get highlighted and they will demand for their rights and participation based on their population. This can result in uprooting the establishment of 25% population over 75% resources. Finally they appointed one GOM (Group of ministers) under the chairmanship of Mr.Pranab Mukherjee. After the GOM meeting, they concluded and issued the statement that they will consider the caste issue in census, but in second phase and not now. Census is carried out in two phases. First phase is related to enumerating the housing and other details. From Feb. 2011 the second phase will start and counting of humans and their socio-economic conditions will be enumerated. Our demand is that we should be considered for inclusion as castes in this census itself. Pranab Mukherjee also issued a statement that they consider inclusion of OBC’s in biometric census. Elaborating more on biometric census, Dr.Thakur said that for this year a UID (Unique Identification number) will be issued to all the citizens of India in phases. From this UID number it will be easy in counting the total number of OBC’s. This UID card will be issued based on the biometric tests of eyes, DNA test, blood test results. If these tests needs to be carried out on every citizen of India then it may take 200 years to complete this exercise, which means that for another 200 years OBC’s will not get counted in the census. This is nothing but a conspiracy against OBC’s.

                In 1980 Mandal commission submitted its report to the government. But there was no discussion on it till 1987. When there were agitations in 1991, the then Prime Minister was forced to look into Mandal commission report, but he implemented only one part of recommendation of the report. But again it was challenged in the Supreme Court and the basis of it was explained that the population of OBC’s highlighted by the commission was based on the data collected during 1931 caste based census. Those people who were against the reservation system argued that this data is very old and is not relevant today. Some of the media highlighted the national sample survey report and argued that as per this report the population of OBC’s is only 32%. Interestingly, enough National Sample survey came up with this figure without doing any caste based census. The question arises before us is how it can be proved who is correct and who is wrong. What could be the basis for anybody’s argument? The only solution to this will be the caste based census. When Mandal commission report was challenged in Supreme Court, it was handed over to 9 judge bench. All these judges were having diversified opinions on the Mandal commission report. There was another famous case of Ashok Thakur verses Govt. of India. In this case Supreme Court gave the ruling that it is not justifiable to access the economic condition of OBC’s based on 1931 data. When we argue that we are more in number, Supreme Court gives the ruling that the basis of data is not correct. On the other hand when we are demanding for collecting actual data of our socio-economic conditions, then they are issuing separate statements.

                Delivering his views further on the topic, Dr.Thakur said that we must be aware of our constitutional rights. Article 15(4) of the constitution specifies the definition of backward class people. It says that the people who are socially and educationally backward and are less represented in public services are the backward class people. Article 16(4) of the constitution says that states shall make special provisions for backward class, SC/ST people and ensure their adequate representation in the public services. It means that based on caste based census we can demand how much our representation should be there in public services.

                Judges of Supreme Court, chief justice of high court, CAG (Chief Control and Auditor General) and even our election commissioner and sub commissioners are selected and come under the jurisdiction of public services. There is one more commissioner of information commission. If we look the list of all these public service commissioners, then we will come to know that all these people are from so called higher castes. There is very negligent amount of SC/ST/OBC people. So where is the adequate representation as per constitutional provisions? Constitution says that law will be made for those whose adequate representation is not there. But when situation arises for making a law, it is told that the data is not correct and when there is a provision of collecting data, with the help of caste based census, there is total oppose for it. So how the problem will get resolved?

                There is one association called Madras Institute of development society in Tamilnadu. They had conducted one survey and seminar in Bangalore and Mysore.  Many experts participated in this seminar. Some of the experts were Mr.K.S.Nagraj, Prof P.K.Mishra and Prof. P.K.Patil. These people dressed up all the documents of 1818. You might be remembering that first census was carried out in 1881. This census gave the report that there are 1829 castes in India. From these 1829 castes, almost 58% castes are those whose numbers are only 100. 26% castes are numbered only 10 and three castes Brahmin, Kunbi and Chamar are almost 1 crore each, which constitutes of 96% of all castes. These so called experts gave their opinion that those castes whose numbers were around 100 and 10 are no more. Then the questions arises in front of us, that, which castes are abolished and which are formed anew. How to resolve this unless new caste based census is carried out. We are emphasizing on whatever castes are presented in India should be counted and reflected in census. But these brahmanical forces are saying that caste based census is not in line with spirit of constitution. They are arguing that our aim is to make casteless nation. But we must understand the fact that there is provision of forming other backward class commission in article 340 of the constitution. Constitution itself directs (as per this article) to get the information of all these people who are socially, economically and educationally backward. So, how getting information of all those backward class people, who are not yet represented could be anti-constitutional? Specifically caste based census is not anti constitutional. This is totally eyewash of the Mulnivasi Bahujan society. As per article 341 and 342 of the constitution, the census on caste based census is carried out for SC’s and ST’s. Article 341 of the constitution states that after taking the advice of the Governor of any state or UT has the right to demarcate tribes, races or castes or a part of any group as scheduled castes, in accordance with the law of the constitution. The President can do so the same by issuing a public notification. Similarly as per article 342, President of India can declare a group belonging to a tribe in scheduled tribe list. Based on these articles SC’s and ST’s are counted under caste based census. So if caste based census is carried out on the same basis then how it is an anti constitutional? But the fact is that the brahmanical forces wants to destroy and not to implement the constitutional provisions meant for backward class people. They want to destroy our strength. But I would like to give the message to Govt. of India that whatever efforts will be made by 25% high caste people, they will not be able to destroy our strength of 75% society. Friends! These forces are trying their best efforts to rule us for years. Now its time to think all of us whether to get ruled by these Brahmins or we should establish our strong organisation and strong force to counter these Arya-Brahmins. We can strongly argue and put our statements based on constitutional articles and provisions.

                Concluding his speech Dr.Thakur said that as per the demand of time all the delegates of Mulnivasi Society should take an oath of forming a strong organisation which will give justice to Mulnivasi Bahujan society.

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